How to Beat Del Lago Boss in Resident Evil 4

How to Beat Del Lago Boss in Resident Evil 4

Del Lago is one of the main bosses in the story of Resident Evil 4 and is a water creature that will attack Leon when he is on the boat. The boss fight is going to be the first major encounter with any boss in the story, where you can think of it as the first main boss fight you will be facing in the game. This guide will show you how to beat Del Lago boss in Resident Evil 4, what attacks to look out for, and how to easily defeat it.

How to Beat Del Lago Boss in Resident Evil 4

Del Lago is a water monster that has a few basic attacks that it will throw at you. This point in the story will damage the boat that Leon will be using just before the boss battle, but you shouldn’t worry about it, as it is part of the story, and you can find a boat from a nearby boathouse soon after the battle.

Del Lago will use a few attacks in this boss fight, where the first will be to lure the boat around it and cause you to hit the debris around you. This attack can be avoided by moving to either side when the boss begins the move. The second attack that the boss will produce is to dive underwater for a few seconds and appear suddenly and lunge at you.

Your main way of attacking Del Lago is going to be with the use of the harpoon. The harpoon deals damage to the boss, where you have to target its exposed body as it surfaces on the water, eventually dealing enough damage for the boss to be beaten. While you can shoot any time you get the chance of attacking the boss, you should also anticipate the lunging attack that it comes for right after its sudden appearance from underwater.

When the boss is lunging at you, you can interrupt this attack by successfully stabbing Del Lago with the harpoon. This completely stops the incoming attack, which otherwise will not only destroy the boat but will also kill Leon if you fail to avoid it.

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