Death From Above: Arcade Combat Drone Sim Launches, Supporting Ukraine Relief Efforts

Death From Above Steam

Rockodile, in partnership with Lesser Evil, is proud to announce the official release of Death From Above on Steam. Set against the backdrop of the Russia-Ukraine war, this arcade-style combat drone simulation game puts players in the shoes of a Ukrainian drone operator, fighting to defend their homeland from invasion and oppression.

Originally funded on Kickstarter and released in Early Access in May 2023, Death From Above has received widespread acclaim, with an impressive 96% positive rating from players on Steam. Now, with its full release, the game boasts a host of improvements, including new missions, a complete story campaign, and hidden Easter eggs, all wrapped in sharp satire.

Check out the full launch trailer below:

A Game with Purpose

More than just entertainment, Death From Above is part of Lesser Evil’s mission to address real-world issues through gaming. Released on the anniversary of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the game also serves as a means of support for Ukraine, with at least 30% of proceeds pledged to charitable organizations in the country.

Hendrik Lesser, CEO of Lesser Evil, emphasized the importance of standing in solidarity with Ukraine against aggression, stating, “We will not stand idly by as hard-won freedoms are obliterated by totalitarianism. Ukraine must be free.”

During the Early Access phase, the development teams have already donated over €10,000 to Ukrainian charities Come Back Alive and Army of Drones. They have committed to increasing donations to 70% of proceeds once initial development costs are covered.

A Community Effort

Death From Above is a product of collaboration with the Ukrainian community, featuring contributions from Octobear Knight Games and partnerships with Ukrainian military tech companies. The game also features music from Ukrainian artists and an exclusive title track from rock band Antytila.

In a groundbreaking move, Death From Above offers Crimean Tatar localization, highlighting the plight of Crimea under Russian occupation. The localization involved members of the indigenous population, shedding light on their struggle for recognition and rights.

Looking Forward

To foster deeper discussions on the portrayal of historical events in interactive media, the development team will present Death From Above at the academic conference ‘Games in War’ in Gdańsk on February 24th.

With updates including new missions, a completed storyline, and support for multiple languages, Death From Above offers players not only engaging gameplay but also an opportunity to support a vital cause.

Join the fight for freedom and support Ukraine by playing Death From Above, available now on Steam, GoG, and the Epic Games Store.

Will you be interested in playing Death From Above and supporting a noble cause? Let us know in the comments section below.

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