Dead Space Remake Peng Treasure Location Guide – How to Find 

Dead Space Remake Peng Treasure Location Guide

For those who have already played the original game before, You might recall Peng Treasure being something that you can get in the game. In Dead Space Remake, the Peng treasure makes a comeback, but it is obtained in a slightly different way, which means that whether you are a new or a returning player, you will still have to find it all over again. This Dead Space Remake Peng Treasure Location Guide will show you how to find the Peng Treasure in the game, and what you need to do to get it. 

Dead Space Remake Peng Treasure Location Guide 

When exploring in the first chapter of the game, you will come across the Peng Treasure, however, you wont be able to obtain it as it is inaccessible. What you need to do instead is to play the game normally until you reach Chapter 11. 

In Chapter 11, you will come to a point where you enter the Cargo Bay area to engage the Cargo Crane. This is required as you need to head down using the lift. From this point onwards, and as you reach down, you need to turn around and look behind you on the left. You will find two crates that you can move using your Kinesis ability.  

As you do so, you might run into some enemies, which means that it will be better if you clear them off before you proceed. Removing the cases from the earlier location will reveal lockers, along with a Peng poster on the side. The Treasure will be inside one of these lockers, which in this case is the one on the far left.  

What you decide to do with the treasure is up to you, but you can sell it for 30,000 in-game cash. The real objective to collect is for unlocking the trophy achievement called “There’s Always Peng!”

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That’s how you can find the Peng Treasure in Dead Space Remake. Post your comments below. 

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