Dead Island 2 Sewer Vat Puzzle Guide – Flushed Quest

Dead Island 2 Sewer Vat Puzzle Guide

For being a zombie game, Dead Island 2 comes with its own fair share of puzzles as well. Most of the puzzles are fairly simple where you will need to find keys to open safes or purchase fuses to open locked doors however there are a few puzzles that will require you to use a little bit of your brain. Still, these are not that complex but if you are stuck, we have guides to these puzzles right here for you. One of the puzzles that you will come across in Dead Island 2 is the Sewer Vat Puzzle which is encountered during the Flushed quest and this guide will help you solve this puzzle easily.

Sewer Vat Puzzle Guide – Dead Island 2

The Flushed quest will allow you to reach Santa Monica and this quest takes place in the sewers of HELL-A. After defeating the horde with the Screamer, you will meet with Patton and then continue down the sewer toward the Venice Storm Tank. When you arrive at the Venice Storm Tank, you will need to enter a code in order to gain access to the next area. When you reach this area, head down to the last room and you will find the code at its window. Once you know the code, go back to the locked doors, and use the code to unlock them.

After unlocking the two doors, you will need to enter the door with the caustic spilled everywhere. Look for the wheel and grab it as you will need it to use the water pipe. There is caustic everywhere here so make sure that you are being careful. Once you have attached the wheel, you will need to rebalance the three vats located here. If you look around the room, you will notice that there are three water valves with different numbers on them. This is your main puzzle for this main quest.

In order to solve the puzzle, turn the water pipe that says 10 to rebalance the first vat with 10 on it. Next, turn all three water pipes to rebalance the second vat that says 75 since all three numbers combined make 75 which are 10, 45, and 20 of the water pipes. For the final vat, just turn the pipe that says 45 since the final vat has 45 on it. This will solve the puzzle and now you can head back outside to proceed with the mission. A fresh horde will attack you at this moment so make sure that you go outside prepared for a fight.

Once the horde is dealt with, use the gate to enter the Venice Storm Tank and keep proceeding until you arrive inside a room filled with flesh, caustic, and two Slobbers that will start vomiting on you. Before going to the circuit breaker at the end of this room, make sure that you grab the breaker inside the room to your left side. Before that, you must turn off the fire valves as well. Kill the Slobbers however you like and then go for the breaker and pick it up and then insert it into the box to open the next area. This will complete the Flushed quest and you will begin the Heart of Darkness quest.

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This concludes our Dead Island 2 Sewer Vat Puzzle Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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