Dead Island 2 Fast Travel Guide – How to Unlock, LA Maps

Dead Island 2 Fast Travel Guide

Dead Island 2 features a large map of Lost Angeles and sometimes, you will need to travel around quickly in order to complete side quests or get a particular collectible that you missed earlier in the game. In order to move around quickly in the game, Dead Island 2 features a fast travel mechanic, however, you need to unlock it first before you can start using it and this Dead Island 2 Fast Travel Guide will help you do exactly that.

Fast Travel Guide – Dead Island 2

When you start playing Dead Island 2, you will find red maps of Lost Angeles City in different locations which are used for fast traveling around the game. These maps are just sitting there at the start of the game, and you cannot use them until you progress in the main story of the game. Dead Island 2 features 10 chapters for its main story and fast travel becomes available only when you reach the fifth chapter of the game and complete the main mission ‘Red Mist’. You will find this mission at the Blue Crab Grill in Venice Beach.

Once you have completed this mission, all of the red Los Angeles maps will now become the Fast Travel locations. These maps allow you to fast travel to any unlocked map previously so as you explore more areas and find new maps, you will unlock new fast travel locations as well. You need to keep in mind that these maps are only good for fast travel when you are actually there physically. You cannot fast travel from just anywhere in the game. You have to find one of these maps, interact with it and then choose a location, and then fast travel to where you want to go. You can only fast travel from one map location to another. On your mini-map or the main in-game map, these maps are marked with a signpost icon.

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This concludes our Dead Island 2 Fast Travel Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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