Dead Island 2 Beginner’s Guide – Tips and Tricks, Enemy Types, Fast Travel

Dead Island 2 Beginner's Guide

After many delays, Dead Island 2 is now finally here, and it brings with it solid zombie slaying.  It brings a vast map of Los Angeles for you to explore and kill as many zombies as you can and if the game is becoming too overwhelming for you, we have this Dead Island 2 Beginner’s Guide for you which shares some tips and tricks along with some beginner’s information for you which will help you get up to speed with everything that you need to know if you are just starting with the game.

Beginner’s Guide – Dead Island 2

Below you will find some important tips and tricks in this Dead Island 2 Beginner’s Guide that will help you get better at zombie slaying and staying alive in Dead Island 2.

Understand Your Enemies

It goes without saying but Dead Island 2 features a large number of zombies and undead creatures that will try their best to bite your head off. Each enemy type has its own unique strengths and weaknesses and naturally, there is a weapon out there in the game that works really well against them. Each of these enemies comes with specific limbs that you can target to render them helpless even after death.

It is important that you target each enemy according to its weakness and make their strength their weakness for example, the normal zombies will keep running towards you and they will only attack when they are within arm’s reach so you can shoot their knees in order to prevent them from running. Even if they are alive after this, they will not be able to run around and harass you with their attacks while you focus on other enemy types.

Similarly, if you are having trouble with the big Crushers and their ground pound attacks, simply target their arms to break them off and they will not be able to pound you silly. Similar to these two examples, understand what each zombie type is using to its advantage, and you can target that to make them less of a pain. Understanding enemies is important because when you are trapped with a lot of zombies, you will have very little time to dispose of enough zombies to survive and this is where these little tricks will come in handy.

Progress in the Main Story

While the open world of Dead Island 2 might be too tempting for you and you might get lost in it and completely forget about the main story of the game, it is still important that you progress in the main story of the game. Story progression unlocks new and vital features that make the game much easier for you.

You will unlock new weapons and gear after certain missions and unlock more skill cards and skill slots as well. Some of these things are only possible with progression in the main story of the game so make sure that you are completing main story missions as well along with your open-world exploration.

Use Fast Travel to Save Time

Although it unlocks pretty late in the game, Dead Island 2 comes with a Fast Travel system so make sure that you are using it for moving around when you want to save some time. You will need to travel back to some of the previous locations in order to find some collectibles or completing side quests and moving around in Los Angeles is not really safe considering the fact that everything is dead and out to kill you. When you want to save some time and complete some missions or find something quickly in a far-off location, make sure to fast travel there and save yourself some supplies.

Open Shortcuts During Main or Side Missions

Dead Island 2 features tons of pathways and access areas that are initially blocked and you cannot go through them. These are essentially shortcuts to another area that has to be unlocked first while playing a main mission or a side mission related to that. Keep a lookout for all such shortcuts while you are playing main missions because once you have unlocked these doors, locks, and gates from the other side, you can use them as shortcuts by bypassing longer or dangerous paths in freeroam later.

Save Some Fuse Boxes for Later

As you progress in Dead Island 2, you will level up and the gear you will find in the world will also level up accordingly. Fuse boxes give you weapons, and gear tailored to your level as well so if you open all of them at the start, you will be left with pretty basic and standard weapons and gear. Save some Fuse Boxes for later and return to them once you have leveled up plenty and you will surely find some cool and rarer weapons from them.

Dead Island 2 Beginner's Guide

Explore the Map Thoroughly

If you are not a completionist, chances are that you might skip some optional areas and locations of Dead Island 2 and you might only focus on the main story of the game. But if you look at it, Dead Island 2 is an open-world game, and the best bits, weapons, and gear for you are hiding somewhere out of the colorful shops and in the dark and side areas of the game.

For this very purpose, you will need to get a little out of your comfort zone and explore the complete map of the game to find some of the best gear and weapons that Dead Island 2 has to offer. Dead Island 2 features a massive map with ten zones, and it only makes sense that the developers wanted you to explore the whole map, so they hid the best bits in areas that the game does not mark on your map. Make sure you check everything that you come across.

Manage Your In-Game Money Efficiently

Dead Island 2 gives you different in-game stores from where you can purchase survival supplies and new weapons. While most of these items can easily be found with a little exploration, if you really need to purchase them on-spot, you will need money and money is not really that simple to acquire in the game. This is mostly valid for the start of the game but you will need to manage your in-game currency properly and not waste it on useless items that you can acquire in the open easily.

The game offers you a lot of random weapons so you should be okay for a fair bit of the game so make sure that you do not purchase too many weapons at the start of the game. Sell off anything extra, including raw materials, health kits, and any other thing that might be just hoarding space in your inventory. Selling junk will give you plenty of money for items that are much more useful to you like fuses. You can also sell weapons that fall in the Uncommon category and above for a quick buck.

Store What You Think is Important For Later

You can only hold a certain amount of gear and weapons with you at any given time and there will be instances where you will find something that you really need but you might not have enough space with you because you keep hauling around everything you find in the game. To prevent such situations, Dead Island 2 gives you your very own personal locker where you can store different weapons for later.

While you can break down weapons for their raw materials and sell them off for a quick buck, I will suggest that you only store weapons that you really want. It also works if you drop them while picking up new weapons. Weapon management is pretty good in Dead Island 2 and a weapon, Uncommon and above, will automatically move to your weapon locker if you drop it while fighting zombies in a mission. Once you are done with the mission, you can head back to your weapon locker and manage what you want to keep and what you do not want to keep.

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This concludes our Dead Island 2 Beginner’s Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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