Dead Cells – Keys and Cash Stash in Promenade Guide

Dead Cells - Keys and Cash Stash in Promenade Guide

In this Dead Cells – Keys and Cash Stash in Promenade Guide, we will tell you everything that you will find in Promenade of the Condemned region. This region features a lot of bonus keys and extra cash for your hero before you head deeper into the game. These bonuses can be collected in many runs and can add up to a lot of resources for you.

Dead Cells is a rouge-lite, Castlevania- inspired action platform game that is developed by Motion Twin. Dead Cells is a 2D combat game with tough bosses and enemies that you have to fight through. The game is currently available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Dead Cells Cash Stash and Gardener’s Keys Guide

Before you begin collecting these secret items, you will need two special runes; the Belier Rune and the Spider Rune. Once you have the runes equipped, you will be able to access three hidden money stashes and three hidden keys in this area.

Gardener’s Keys in Promenade of the Condemned

There are three keys that you have to find to unlock three doors in the Promenade that will lead you to a treasure chest. This chest will contain a bow but if you have already collected it, you will find cash in the chest instead. Below is where you can find all three keys.

The first key is on the upper level. Go to the upper level where you have to look for a flower on the ground. Stomp on the flower until a key pops out of the ground for you to collect.

For the second key, you will need to use the Spider Rune inside the tall tower interior surface. Once you reach the top of the interior, the key can be collected.

The third and final key can be located underground. To access the underground area, you need to find a breakable floor and smash through with the Belier Rune. Once you are inside, the key can be collected.

Cash Stashes in Promenade of the Condemned

In the Promenade of the Condemned, you can also find three cash stashes around the area.

The first cash stash is secretly hidden and can be located directly above the entrance of the area.

To loot the second cash, take the elevator ride up to the top right corner of the area. Once you are at the top, drop down a ledge to our left where you can find the secret cash stash.

The last cash stash is secretly hidden above the top of the elevator. First, use the Spider Rune to climb a cliff above the elevator, then jump above the elevator to take the cash.

This concludes our Dead Cells – Keys and Cash Stash in Promenade Guide. If you wish to add anything to this article, please feel free to write your opinion in the comments section below

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