Dead Cells Boss Fights Guide – Conjuctivious, Time Keeper, Hand of the King

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In this Dead Cells Boss Fights Guide, we will guide you how to defeat the main four bosses in Dead Cells. All four of the bosses are challenged with varying tactics, and defeating them will give you cool rewards that will help you fight the bigger bosses.

Fortunately for you, we have detailed the best way to defeat all bosses. We have highlighted their weakness and special attacks, and mentioned some tips and tricks to effectively progress in the game.

Dead Cells Boss Fights – Detailed Guide

Our Dead Cells Boss Fight Guide will show you how to effectively use attacks on various bosses, what defense mechanism you need to fend of their attacks, and how to best use weapons that will deal the most damage on the boss.

Dead Cells Bosses Guide

Below you will find each of the boss in the order that you will encounter first, as well as the final boss of Dead Cells.

The Concierge

The first boss that you will encounter in Dead Cells is the Concierge. You encounter him at the Black Bridge. Concierge is relatively easy to beat because of his slow movement.

There are two attacks that Concierge has, Fire Strike and Shout. Fire Strike is his most powerful attack that sends a wave of fire over the ground. His shout is a close proximity attack that only activates once you are very close to him. For that matter, you need to keep yourself at a distance.
The best way to attack Concierge is to use Grenades and Heavy Turrets. Dodge his attacks as your defense mechanism while throwing Grenades towards him. The Turret will keep firing at him so all you have to do is dodge his attacks and keep throwing your Grenades.


Conjuctivious is a boss that you can encounter in the Insufferable Crypt. The Crypt can be accessed through Ancient Sewers. If you have already got the 3 boss cells then the whole fight will be in four phases and take place on platforms.

In the first phase of the fight with Conjuctivious, His attacks will be laser beams that shoot from the eye, and green virus. Equip your Spear or Whip that deals a burning damage. These attacks will deal great damage on Conjuctivious. Alternatively, you can also throw Grenades at him.

The second Phase of the fight when Conjuctivious is at 75% health. A tentacle will appear from beneath the ground that you have to parry and dodge. You can also attack the tentacle and reduce its health but keep you focus of attack on Conjuctivious.

The third phase of the fight will begin when Conjuctivious is at 50% health. This phase will add another tentacle to make it harder for you. Repeat your attacks or additionally freeze Conjuctivious for a brief strong attack.

The final Phase begins when Conjuctivious is at 25% health. This is the final and the most dangerous phase. Another tentacle will be added which will bring the total number of tentacles to three. Follow the pattern of the tentacles in dodging them and keep your attack towards Conjuctivious. Eventually, you will drain all his health and complete the boss fight.

The Time Keeper

This is the third of the main bosses in Dead Cells. The Time Keeper can be found residing in the Clock Room at the Clock Tower. The Time Keeper is a fast moving boss who uses teleportation to attack from various angles. This is a tough fight so you have to be quick in dodging her attacks. The Time Keeper boss fight comes in three phases.

The Time Keeper has four attacks, a Sword attack, a Shiruken throw, teleportation, and a hook pull. You need to adjust to the pattern of her attacks to dodge them effectively.

You can use Ice Grenades that will temporarily freeze her and attack her when she is stuck. In addition, use your infantry Grenades that will deal a lot of damage to her.

For long range attacks, use a crossbow. The Time Keeper moves a lot which is why keeping a distance will be the best option. The hook attack of the time keeper is a long range attack, getting struck by it will deal a lot of damage to you, so keep a look out for it.

After the end of each phase, the Time Keeper’s attacks that include the Sword and Shiruken will increase in numbers. Be aware of these special attacks as any of these combo attacks may take a huge chunk out of your health.

The Hand of the King

The final boss in Dead Cells is the Hand of the King, who can be found at the Throne Room. The attacks from this boss also come in three phases including two transitional phases where you will have to fight elite zombies, while the hand of the king steps aside.

In the first phase, the main attacks by him are sword slash and a dash which can be dodged by you jumping over his head and staying behind him during his attack.

Your attacks should mainly focus on fire and poison, as freeze attacks do not have any action on him. The best way to attack is to use Explosive Crossbow that deals a lot critical damage from a distance.

When the second phase begins, the hand of the king will use a transition attack in which small enemies will spawn in the area that you have to defeat. Use turrets and grenades on them to quickly kill all the enemies. The Hand of the king will then re appear and will add one new attack in which he will place red explosive banners. You need to destroy the banners before they explode as they will deal a lot of damage to you. Also keeping in mind that the fighting arena is small and the explosive radius is very big on the banners, so your priority should shift to taking out the banners immediately.

The third and final phase of the fight, the Hand of the King will add another attac which is a hand slam. You can dodge his attacks by jumping over. there is a brief indication of this hand slam when it starts glowing red. Another transitional phase will begin with the elite zombies and small enemies. Clear them out and return to your attack at the boss. The fight ends when your attacks completely deplete all of the health of this final boss.

For more details on weapons to use in boss fights, check out our Dead Cells Weapons Guide here.

This concludes our Dead Cells Boss Fights Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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