DDR5 Mainstream Production is Picking Up Pace for Both AMD and Intel Platforms

DDR5 Production

DDR5 memory module production has recently picked up speed as AMD and Intel have both announced platforms that will launch later this year that will utilize the new DDR5 memory standard. Several manufacturers have finalized their mainstream designs for the next-generation standard.

The DDR5 memory standard will be utilized by upcoming Intel (Alder Lake) & AMD (Raphael) platforms which are expected to launch later this year. Jiahe Jinwei, a Chinese manufacturer has announced that it has received the first batch of DDR5 memory modules from its assembly line based in the Shenzhen Pingshan factory.

DDR5 Production

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The memory modules are now being mass-produced and are expected to launch later this year with the next-generation platforms from Intel and AMD. Intel is said to take a lead in offering the next-gen memory support first on its next-gen Alder Lake platform comprising of the Z690 chipset-based motherboards as reported recently.

Recent leaks and reports show two distinct DDR5 memory modules. One with a green-colored PCB that comes straight from the Chinese manufacturer while the others have been pictured by Uniko’s hardware and feature a black PCB color.

The most prominent feature of both modules aside from the DRAM, the modules (U-DIMM) feature an onboard PMIC (Power Management IC). This IC will take DC (5V) power directly from the motherboard and deliver it to the DRAM itself more efficiently compared to DDR4 modules.

A big change from DDR4 to DDR5 is that the components that are required for the voltage conversion are now moved over to the memory DIMM itself, reducing voltage wear and noise generation while simultaneously offering increased room for overclocking. DDR5 memory also features built-in ECC, lower power consumption, and higher stability compared to DDR4 memory modules.

The base DDR5 memory modules feature frequencies of 4800 MHz with a voltage of 1.1V. The timings are set at CL40-40-40 and each DIMM holds a capacity of 16 GB. DDR5 memory will bring a 2x performance increase compared to DDR4. We will have to wait and see how the DDR5 memory changes the PC space.

Some of the manufacturers currently working on their own DDR5 memory modules include TEAMGROUP, NETAC, and ASGARD. Samsung has announced that it has already created the world’s very first DDR5 memory module featuring 512GB.

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