Dauntless Orbs Farming Guide – How to Farm Orbs

Dauntless Orbs Farming Guide

In this Dauntless Orbs Farming Guide, we will guide you on how you can farm orbs in Dauntless easily. Orbs are very important in the game and if you want to craft better gear, you will need to collect as many orbs as possible. Without orbs in your hands, you will not be able to get your hands on the best gear in Dauntless. Sadly, there is no other way in Dauntless to craft better gear so you will need to grind to get some orbs.

We have curated this Dauntless Orbs Farming Guide in which we have detailed the easiest method on how you can farm some orbs every day you play Dauntless. Since Dauntless is a free-to-play game, you can expect some grinding to earn the Orbs. Following our method detailed below will guarantee that you get some orbs easily in as little time as possible in Dauntless. Let us start with how to farm orbs in Dauntless.

Orbs Farming Guide – Dauntless

Our Dauntless Orbs Farming Guide details everything that you need to know about farming orbs in Dauntless quickly and efficiently.

How to Farm Orbs in Dauntless

Each behemoth you slay in Dauntless will drop the type of elemental orb that the behemoth belongs to. To obtain a specific orb type, all you need to do is find the behemoth of that certain elemental type and slay it to get some orbs from it. For this, you can complete Hunt Patrols which will give you some quick orbs as you slay behemoths.

Complete the Go Forth and Slay quest at the start of the game and it will allow you to reach Slayer Level 4. Once you’ve done both, you will unlock the City on the Verge quest along with Hunt Patrols. Every day, you must complete six Hunt Patrols because all first six Hunt Patrols each day will reward you with 10 orbs. As soon as you sign in the game, complete six Hunt patrols and you will earn a decent amount of orbs.

Types of Orbs in Dauntless

Dauntless has six types of orbs and you will obtain them from the same type of behemoths. We have detailed all types of orbs below along with how to obtain them.

  • Terra Orbs – Obtained from Terra Behemoths
  • Blaze Orbs – Obtained from Blaze Behemoths
  • Frost Orbs – Obtained from Frost Behemoths
  • Shock Orbs – Obtained from Shock Behemoths
  • Neutral Orbs – Obtained from Neutral Behemoths
  • Umbral Orbs – Obtained from Umbral Behemoths
  • Radiant Orbs – Obtained from Radiant Behemoths

These are all the types of orbs in the game and their associated behemoths. Happy slaying!

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This concludes our Dauntless Orbs Farming Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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