Darksiders III Wrath Boss Battle Guide – Move List, How to Defeat, Tips

Darksiders III Wrath Boss Battle Guide

In this Darksiders III Wrath Boss Battle Guide, we will guide you on how you can defeat the second boss Wrath in Darksiders III. In Darksiders III, Fury is out to defeat the seven sins from the earth and the second one is Wrath. Throughout the course of the main story, Fury will come face to face with these seven deadly bosses and Fury will need to defeat each one of them.

Each of these bosses come with unique challenges and their own unique move sets. We have curated this Darksiders III Wrath Boss Battle Guide in which we will share some tips and tricks on how you can defeat the second boss Wrath in the game. Along with this, we have also shared Wrath’s move list and how you can counter them easily.

Wrath Boss Battle Guide – Darksiders III

Our Darksiders III Wrath Boss Battle Guide details everything that you need to know about defeating Wrath, the second of the sins in Darksiders III.

Wrath’s Move List

We have detailed all attacks performed by Wrath below along with how you can counter them.

Left Slash

This is a quick attack where Wrath will lift his big cleaver and swing it across in a 180 degree arc. The only warning before this attack is his yell so dodge as soon as he yells to get out of harm’s way. You can use Arcane Counter against this attack.

Cross Slash

When Wrath crosses his arms over his head, he is about to land a big scissor like slash. Dodge when he raises his hands to his head and you can easily avoid this attack. If you get hit by this attack, you will be knocked back.

Overhand Right Slash

This is much slower attack but naturally it deals a lot of damage if you get hit by it. Watch for Wrath to lift his right hand over and get ready to dodge and return the favor with a good combo.

Fire Frenzy

For this attack, Wrath will cover himself with molten lava like substance. During this stance, he will be more aggressive and will switch to more charging attacks. He will use backswing attacks as well as uppercut sweeps which can cause a lot of damage if you are not careful.

Leaping Throw

For this attack Wrath will slam his both weapons together and form a single bigger weapon. After this, he will jump in the air and use his new molten weapon to land a deadly attack at you. He will hurtle the weapon at you from any distance in the game. You will need to dodge as soon as you see the weapon coming at you.

Boss Battle Tips

If you consider the overall boss battle, Wrath may look intimidating but he is actually very easy to defeat. All you need to do is learn the move patterns. No more are unblockable however some of them are very damaging so we recommend dodging rather than blocking the attacks. As soon as the battle starts, Wrath will start swinging his dual weapons at you so you must be ready to dodge right from the start.

Wrath is big, fat and slow which means after he has landed an attack, he will take some time to land another attack. Use this window to deal some damage to him. However, do not get greedy and get ready to dodge after landing a few hits. Use combos to make the most of these windows. Avoid using air combos and ripcord attacks against Wrath as they are useless.

Most of Wrath’s attacks are basic and easy to anticipate. The attack you should really look out for is the Cross Slash. As soon as you see him raising both his hands to his head, dodge back quickly. You can also interrupt this attack in Havoc form or using a good Wrath Attack. During the phase where Wrath is engulfed in flames, you will need to be on guard. Watch for openings between the attacks but do not try to rush in while he is attacking.

Wrath will go down much more easily despite his large figure and stature. Once Wrath is down, you will be left with five more sins to go.

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This concludes our Darksiders III Wrath Boss Battle Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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