Darksiders III Vulgrim Guide – Soul Feeding, Wares

Darksiders III Vulgrim Guide

In this Darksiders III Vulgrim Guide, we will guide you on Vulgrim in Darksiders III. You will meet Vulgrim along your journey throughout Earth and you will find out that Vulgrim is one of the most important allies for you in the game. He is also the only vendor in the game which makes him even more helpful while playing Darksiders III. You will also need him to level up in the game.

We have curated this Darksiders III Vulgrim Guide in which we have detailed everything that you need to know about Vulgrim and the items that you can purchase from him. We will detail all items below, how much they cost and what will they help you with. We will also detail how you can use your souls with Vulgrim and how to level up in the game with the help of Vulgrim. If there is one thing you should know about Vulgrim, it is that you cannot survive in the game without him.

Vulgrim Guide – Darksiders III

Our Darksiders III Vulgrim Guide details everything that you need to know about Vulgrim and his role in Darksiders III.

Who is Vulgrim?

Vulgrim is a very helpful aide for you in Darksiders III. He is available at every Serpent Hole where he will sell you a lot of useful items in exchange of souls. Apart from selling items, you can also sell him items that you do not need. The most important role Vulgrim plays in the game is help you level up.

You can do so for feeding Vulgrim souls and in return he will give you attribute points which you can assign to three different categories and make Fury more powerful. For more information on how to obtain Souls and leveling up, check out this Darksiders III Leveling Up Guide. We will be focusing on Vulgrim in this guide.

Once you have fed Vulgrim enough souls, you will level up and get an attribute point. After each level, the soul requirement will keep on increasing and you will need greater and greater souls to level up until you reach level 100. Keep storing souls and feeding them to Vulgrim to level up in the game.

Apart from leveling up, Vulgrim offers a lot of useful items for sale as well which you can buy by paying souls. One thing is for sure that Vulgrim is a sucker for souls so everything is paid with souls if you are purchasing from him. You can also find some of these items while exploring the earth but it always helps to keep a few vital items in your inventory so that you can use them whenever needed.

The most common item that you will find in the world are consumable shards which are also available for purchase with Vulgrim. However, each time you use a consumable item of any sort, there is a 30 second cooldown before you can use it again. Every time you purchase any item from Vulgrim, the price of items will increase.

We recommend that you do not items from him early in the game. Focus on leveling up and using your souls for solely gaining attribute points. You will find plenty of items when you explore the world. Keep yourself from purchasing items from Vulgrim in early stages to keep the prices low for later in the game.

As you make progress in the game and defeat the Deadly Sins, you will find more and more items in the environment which will really help you save souls for more important tasks such as leveling up.

We have detailed the items available at Vulgrim below.

Meter Replenishment Items

These items will help you replenish your Health, Havoc and Wrath meters in the game at any point. They are helpful in tougher battles or scenarios where you need to have more health or more Wrath for taking down enemies. Save them in your inventory for times when you really need them. Check out the items below.

Small Healing Shard

Grants some of the health back to you. Its cost starts from 250 souls. You can sell them for 63 souls each.

Healing Shard

Grants a decent amount of health back to you. Its cost starts from 500 souls. You can sell them for 125 souls each.

Large Healing Shard

Grants a major amount of health back to you. You cannot purchase it from Vulgrim although you can sell one for 375 souls.

Wrath Shard

Replenishes your Wrath instantly upon use. Its cost starts from 500 souls and you can sell one for 125 souls.

Havoc Shard

Replenishes your Havoc meter and allows you to enter the Havoc form. It costs 1000 souls and you can sell one for 500 souls.

Status Buff Items

These items provide temporary boost to Fury upon use. These are one time use items and are consumed once used. Check out these items below.

Strength Shard

Increases Fury’s strength temporarily. Its cost starts from 500 souls and you can sell one for 125 souls.

Fortification Shard

Reduced the damage Fury takes temporarily. Its cost starts from 500 souls and you can sell one for 125 souls.

Frenzy Shard

Increases Fury’s attack speed temporarily. Its cost starts from 500 souls and you can sell one for 125 souls.

Thorn Shard

Creates a shield around Fury which damages all enemies that come too close to her. It does not reduce damage taken. Its cost starts from 500 souls and you can sell one for 125 souls.

Undying Shard

After Fury’s health depletes, instead of dying and spawning back at a Serpent Hole, Fury will respawn immediately at the same spot with a little bit of health. This is the rarest item in the game. Its cost starts from 1000 souls and you can sell one for 500 souls.

Crafting Ingredients

You can also purchase different crafting ingredients from Vulgrim. You can purchase any small amount of crafting ingredients from Vulgrim. Like other items bought from Vulgrim, the prices of these crafting ingredients do not increase so you can purchase any amount that you want for the same price.

Check out the ingredients below.

Silver of Adamantine

Costs 800 souls and you can sell them for 200 souls.

Fragment of Adamantine

Costs 2400 souls and sells for 600 souls.

Piece of Adamantine

Costs 4000 souls and sell for 1000 soul.

Chunk of Adamantine

You can only sell chunks of adamantine for 5000 souls.


Vulgrim also sells three artifacts in limited numbers. Check them out below.

Essence of a Chosen

Vulgrim only has one in his stock and it costs 5000. It sells for the same price of 5000 souls.

Angelic Artifact

Vulgrim can provide you with 8 Angelic Artifacts for 2000 souls each. You can sell one for 1000 souls.

Demonic Artifact

Vulgrim can provide you with 8 Demonic Artifacts only for 2000 souls each. You can sell one for 1000 souls.

Special Items

Vulgrim will also sell you two different items but since were not fitting in the above two categories, we have listed them here.

Rejuvenation Core

Vulgrim will sell you one Rejuvenation Core which will increase the amount of health restored by Nephilim’s Respite by 75. It will cost you 5000 souls. For more information on Nephilim’s Respites, check out our Darksiders III Nephilim’s Respite Guide.

Unfocused Leviathan

Unfocused Leviathan is a weapon enhancement which grants +30 health regeneration every minute and bonus 3 soul lurches every time you break an object.

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This concludes our Darksiders III Vulgrim Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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