Darksiders III Sloth Boss Battle Guide – Move List, How to Defeat, Tips

Darksiders III Sloth Boss Battle Guide

In this Darksiders III Sloth Boss Battle Guide, we will guide you on how you can defeat the fourth boss Sloth in Darksiders III. In Darksiders III, Fury is out to defeat the seven sins from the earth and the fourth one is Sloth. Throughout the course of the main story, Fury will come face to face with these seven deadly bosses and Fury will need to defeat each one of them.

Each of these bosses come with unique challenges and their own unique move sets. We have curated this Darksiders III Sloth Boss Battle Guide in which we will share some tips and tricks on how you can defeat the fourth boss Sloth in the game. Along with this, we have also shared Sloth’s move list and how you can counter them easily.

Sloth Boss Battle Guide – Darksiders III

Our Darksiders III Sloth Boss Battle Guide details everything that you need to know about defeating Sloth, the fourth of the sins in Darksiders III.

Sloth’s Move List

We have detailed all attacks performed by Sloth below along with how you can counter them.

Toxic Bomb

Sloth has a toxic bomb attack which leaves a toxic cloud after exploding. Sloth’s staff will flicker with green light before this attack. Going to his back will not help much since he can throw the bomb both at his front and his back.

Staff Swipe

Sloth can swipe his staff around when get in close to attack the Sloth Bugs. He has a pretty decent range with it so you need to be agile and fast to dodge it.

Overhead Staff Slam

This is a very difficult attack to dodge as Sloth will pull his right arm back and slam down the staff at Fury with a toxic explosion at the end. Even if you miss the slam, the toxic clouds will be there to damage you.

Ground Pound

This is a late boss battle attack and Sloth will use it once he gets off his throne. He will fly a little bit off the ground and then slam to the ground on his massive waist sending a devastating shockwave all around. You will need to run away from him to avoid this attack.

Boss Battle Tips

Although Sloth lacks attacks, but he is resilient and will not go down easily. For the early part of the boss battle, he will simply sit on his throne and will wait until you get close to attack you. During this phase, Fury is unable to damage Sloth as well. The first step is to kill all the sloth bugs carrying Sloth’s throne around.

Keep killing them until the last few remaining bugs are unable to carry the throne. This is not all. You will also need to fight several other sloth bugs spawning from the ground. Keep killing them as they spawn to keep their numbers low. The trick is to keep circling the throne until Sloth makes an attack, dodge it and then move it for the hits.

Sloth will attack with the toxic bomb initially so you can dodge the bomb and move in to land some quick jabs. Then back away. You will need to stick to basic attacks as you cannot perform Arcane Counter on the bugs. Once enough bugs are down, Sloth will get off his throne and will finally join the battle. He is one lazy and slow boss to fight with.

However, do not let the laziness and the slow movement speed fool you. His attacks pack quite a punch and you will need to get up close to attack him. Even when the boss is off the throne, several sloth bugs will keep spawning to defend their master. Avoid Sloth’s bombs and his staff swings while moving in for some hits.

His most damaging attack is the overhand staff which he performs if you approach right from the front. If sloth is flying, use Flame Jump to attack him. However, we recommend that when he takes flight, it is best to back off slightly and let his land first and then move in for the offense. Triple Tempests works very good in late stages of the boss battle. Sloth will eventually go down.

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This concludes our Darksiders III Sloth Boss Battle Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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