Darksiders III Nephilim’s Respite’s Guide – Cores, Upgrades

Darksiders III Nephilim's Respite's Guide

In this Darksiders III Nephilim’s Respite’s Guide, we will guide you on the healing item Nephilim’s Respite in Darksiders III. In Darksiders III, you do not have the ability of auto-heal so for healing, you will need to use a special item called Nephilim’s Respite. Without this item you cannot heal Fury and she will eventually die. Fury is not very good at absorbing damage and she will die pretty easily in Darksiders III.

To counter this, we have curated this Darksiders III Nephilim’s Respite’s Guide in which will share some vital information about how you can make Nephilim’s Respite better and make it more effective at healing you. We will tell you about using Invigoration Cores and Rejuvenation Cores which will make Nephilim’s Respite more effective in combat for you.

Nephilim’s Respite Guide – Darksiders III

Our Darksiders III Nephilim’s Respite’s Guide details everything that you need to know about using Nephilim’s Respite and making it more effective in the game with Invigoration Core and Rejuvenation Core.

What is Nephilim’s Respite?

Nephilim’s Respite is a very important item in Darksiders III. These are in-game items and you can quickly consume one by using D-Pad left or right to choose it in your inventory and then pressing D-Pad up to consume it. Once consumed, it will give you back a certain amount of health depending on how much it has been upgraded so far in the game.

When you start the game, you will be able to hold 2 Nephilim’s Respite and each will provide a base healing of 150. As you play the game and find more upgrade cores, you will be able to hold more Nephilim’s Respites at the same time and consuming each will also give you more health. Let’s look at both the cores in detail below.

Invigoration Core

Invigoration Core in Darksiders III increases the storage capacity of Nephilim’s Respite by 1. You will find them in the levels and collecting them will increase your carrying capacity. However, these are based on story progression and cannot upgrade to full before reaching the specific part of the story where the last upgrade is located.

We have detailed the upgrades of Invigoration Core below.

  • Base: Carrying Capacity 2
  • Upgrade 1: Found in Blistering Bridge in Hollows region. Increases capacity to 3.
  • Upgrade 2: Found in Hulking Carcass in Bonelands region. Increases capacity to 4.
  • Upgrade 3: Found in Sunken Tracks in Depths region. Increases capacity to 5.
  • Upgrade 4: Found in Drilling Annex in Scar region. Increases capacity to 6.

Rejuvenation Core

Finding and collecting Rejuvenation Cores in Darksiders III will increase the amount of health gained by Nephilim’s Respite by 75. Just like the Invigoration Core, its upgrades are based on story progression.

You will find these upgrades in the following locations.

  • Base: Heals 150 health
  • Upgrade 1: Found in Splintered Station in Nether region. Increases health gain to 225
  • Upgrade 2: Found in Tangled Grotto in Nether region. Increases health gain to 300
  • Upgrade 3: Found in Festering Pool in Bonelands. Increases health gain to 375
  • Upgrade 4: Found in Forgotten Lake in Depths region. Increases health gain to 450
  • Upgrade 5: Found in Drilling Annex in Scar region. Increases health gain to 525
  • Upgrade 6: Bought from Vulgrim’s Wares. Increases health gain to 600

If you are new to Darksiders III, check out our Darksiders III Beginner’s Guide to get up to speed with the basic mechanics of the game.

This concludes our Darksiders III Nephilim’s Respite’s Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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