Darksiders III Leveling Up Guide – How to Level up, Souls, Luminous Visages

Darksiders III Leveling Up Guide

In this Darksiders III Leveling Up Guide, we will guide you on how you can level up Fury in Darksiders III. Leveling up is an important mechanic in Darksiders III and you will need to level up Fury in order to make her better and more powerful. Every time you level up, you will gain Attribute Points which can be used to make Fury stronger.

We have curated this Darksiders III Leveling Up Guide in which we have detailed the complete process of leveling up in Darksiders III and how you can use the attribute points that you earn when you level up each time. We have also detailed how you can earn souls in Darksiders III and find Luminous Visages which are yet another great source of leveling up.

Leveling Up Guide – Darksiders III

Our Darksiders III Leveling Up Guide details everything that you need to know about leveling Fury up and making her stronger.

There are two basic ways to level up in Darksiders III and level up. The basic way is to earn souls and then feed those souls to Vulgrim who will then give you Attribute Points once you have fed him a certain number of souls. The second way to level up in Darksiders III is to find the hidden Luminous Visages hidden around the world to get Attribute Points.

You can later use these attribute points and assign them to three distinct categories which include Health, Arcane and Strength to make Fury more powerful. It is very important that you level up Fury or you will not be able to defeat the late game enemies and bosses with simply a full health bar.

Acquiring Souls

You can acquire souls by a number of different means. The most common one is by defeating enemies in the game. As you defeat enemies, they will leave behind Soul Lurchers that Fury will automatically absorb. Apart from collecting these Soul Lurchers, you will also find different Soul Crystals in the game that you can collect in the game.

Lurcher Crystals are a collection of spirits stored in the form of crystals. They appear in your inventory in the form of crystals and are not lost when you die. To use them, you will first need to shatter them. Shattering a crystal will release all souls from within them and add them to your collection.

These Soul Crystals will give a different number of souls depending on their type and they range from 25 to 10,000 souls from a single crystal. You will find Soul Crystals either dropped by enemies or after smashing environmental objects. They are represented by a yellow flame. Unlike souls collected by killing enemies, you will need to shatter these crystals in your inventory to obtain the souls within them.

We recommend that you shatter these crystals only at the time when you are about to use them. If you continue to shatter them as you obtain them, you may die and then you will need to go back to the location where you died and collect the souls again. Keep the crystals intact and only break them when you are at a Serpent Hole and are ready to use them.

Depending on their size, there are 10 different types of Lurcher Crystals in Darksiders III. We have detailed them below.

  • Small Lurcher Clump – Gives 25 Souls
  • Medium Lurcher Clump – Gives 75 Souls
  • Large Lurcher Clump – Gives 150 Souls
  • Small Lurcher Cluster – Gives 400 Souls
  • Medium Lurcher Cluster – Gives 800 Souls
  • Grand Lurcher Crystal – Gives 1000 Souls
  • Large Lurcher Cluster – Gives 1200 Souls
  • Small Lurcher Cache – Gives 2000 Souls
  • Medium Lurcher Cache – Gives 5000 Souls
  • Large Lurcher Cache – Gives 10000 Souls

Whenever you come to a Serpent Hole, you can interact with Vulgrim and feed him your souls to level up and receive an Attribute Point.

Luminous Visages

Another way to accumulate Attribute Points in Darksiders III is by finding the hidden Luminous Visages around the earth. These are actually the remains of earlier battles and have now been unearthed after decades. You can find them and shatter them to gain an instant Attribute Point.

There are 14 Luminous Visages found in Darksiders III. We have detailed their location below.

  • Luminous Visage # 1 – Check the lava below the platform in Hollows near Lord of the Hollows Chamber Serpent Hole.
  • Luminous Visage # 2 – Located at the base of the giant statue in the Hollows region near the Catacombs Serpent Hole.
  • Luminous Visage # 3 – Defeat Avarice in Nether region to receive one.
  • Luminous Visage # 4 – Located in the underwater room near the Atrium of Greed Serpent Hole in Nether.
  • Luminous Visage # 5 – Defeat Sloth near the Tangled Grotto Serpent Hole in Nether.
  • Luminous Visage # 6 – Located on a balcony above the intersection near the North End Serpent Hole in Haven.
  • Luminous Visage # 7 – In a hidden cave only accessible using a Bomb Bug near the Drowned District in Bonelands.
  • Luminous Visage # 8 – In the flooded hallway, find the vent and crawl through it to find a Luminous Visage near the Mangled Freeway in Bonelands.
  • Luminous Visage # 9 – Defeat Lust in the Bonelands.
  • Luminous Visage # 10 – Located in an underwater temple near the Forgotten Lakes Serpent Hole in Depths.
  • Luminous Visage # 11 – Defeat Gluttony in Depths.
  • Luminous Visage # 12 – Located inside Abraxis’s throne room near the Lowlands Serpent Hole in Scar.
  • Luminous Visage # 13 – Check below the platform overlooking the field near the Refinery Serpent Hole in Scar.
  • Luminous Visage # 14 – Located inside the room on top of the south end of the main corridor near the Sunken Tracks Serpent Hole in Depths.

Find and collect these Luminous Visages to instantly get an Attribute Points.

Using Attribute Points

Each time you earn an attribute point, you can assign them in three categories to make Fury stronger. These categories include Strength, Health and Arcane. This depends entirely on you as you can choose which aspect of Fury to strengthen up first. This also depends on your playstyle. If you play more like a tank, choose Strength and Health over Arcane. If you like dealing damage, choose Arcane and Strength over Health.


Assigning attribute points to health will gradually increase the size of your health meter at the top of the screen. In early stages, this increase is worth 20 points. As you continue to level up, this gradually declines down with 16 and lower in later stages. There are certain other things however that can help you make your health upgrade even further.

If you manage to find and save 15 Humans in the game, you will get a permanent 30% increase to your health. Also using Fortifier enhancement will allow you gain 50% additional bonus to health. These will counter the diminishing bonus of adding more attribute points later in the game.


Another important category to assign your attribute points to is Strength. Increasing Fury’s strength will ensure that each attack she lands is more powerful. The power of all standard attacks will be increased as you continue to increase your strength by putting more attribute points here.

If you are using the Fortifier enhancement with the Demonic track, then you will get additional weapon damage of up to 15%. As you continue to add more attribute points in the strength category, each subsequent point will add lesser and lesser strength so you will need to rely on enhancements just like Health to make them count. You can also upgrade your weapons to increase the damage you deal to your enemies.


Making Fury’s Arcane strong will increase her arcane damage. Arcane damage is a special type of damage which is dealt while special attacks such as Charge Attacks, Havoc Form Attacks, Wrath Attacks or even during Evade Counters. Similar to Health and Strength, using a Fortifier enhancement will increase the amount of Arcane Damage Fury deals to enemies. Subsequent attribute points after level 10 will grant lesser boost to Fury Arcane.

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This concludes our Darksiders III Leveling Up Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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