Darksiders III Final Boss Battle Guide – Move List, How to Defeat, Tips

Darksiders III Final Boss Battle Guide

In this Darksiders III Final Boss Battle Guide, we will guide you on how you can defeat the final boss of Darksiders III. After defeating the seven sins, you will come face to face with the final boss of the game and you will need to defeat her to finally finish the game. The final boss of the game is none other than Envy which you took out at the very start of the game. However, this time around Envy is not playing around.

We have curated this Darksiders III Final Boss Battle Guide in which we have detailed the moves of Envy and how you can counter them. We will also share some tips and tricks that will help you defeat Envy once again and for good this time around. Envy comes with a brand new set of moves and tricks up her sleeve but after reading this guide, you will be ready to take her down easily.

Final Boss Guide – Darksiders III

Our Darksiders III Final Boss Battle Guide details everything that you need to know about defeating the final boss, Envy, of Darksiders III.

For the final encounter, Envy has a little bit more to herself than just some tricks up her sleeve. She has War’s sword, Death’s Scythe and Strife’s pistols with her. Not only that, she has also possessed all other six sins so she is an absolute monster now. She now wants Scorn in her list which Fury is not too happy about.

Envy’s Move List

We have detailed her move’s list below.

Sword Lunge

Envy will use War’s giant sword and stab Fury with it after lunging at her. You can see this attack coming when Envy starts moving towards you. Dodge quickly when you see her coming at you.

Backhand Slash

Envy will turn her back to Fury and then attack with a mighty backhand sword attack. You will need to use Arcane Counter and then run away quickly as she will follow up with another attack.

Ground Stab

If Envy starts moving the Sword in a circle, it means she is about to land a powerful ground stab attack. She will slam the ground and many blades will erupt from the ground seriously damaging you. Stasis Shield will protect you here or simply dodge away from your location.

Scythe Toss

Sometimes you will see an apparition coming out of Envy, this shows an upcoming attack with Death’s Scythe. Envy will swing the Scythe and then throw it at Fury which will boomerang around in the area. You will need to keep your distance and keep dodging it until it goes back to Envy.


Envy will only use Strife’s pistols after her health is below half and Fury is too far away to hit with her other weapons. You can avoid this attack by dodging to one side.

Boss Battle Tips

This will be tough battle since Envy has too many weapons for her own good and she will keep shuffling between them from time to time. Envy is also resistant to Arcane damage so stick to basic attacks. Envy herself will use plenty of Arcane attacks this time around so you need to be very careful.

Shade enhancement works exceptionally well here. Simply put it on the weapon that you use the least. Adding a Marauder enhancement to another weapon will also increase the chances of you getting a Health Lurcher. Do not get too close to Envy during any phase of the battle. You will need to retain a decent enough distance between yourself and Envy. Be ready to dodge and counterattack any time.

Barbs of Scorn will be your best bet against her in this battle as Envy is also resistant to chilling status effect of Edge of Scorn. After attacking, get back quickly and maintain a good distance. Do not stay close to her for too long. When you see Envy swing the sword, immediately put on the Stasis Shield or you will be stuck by the ground stab.

During the battle Envy will summon apparitions of the six sins which she has absorbed earlier. They will appear in the form of green images and will attack you with their signature attacks. Wrath will appear to slam the ground and send shockwaves to you. You will need to double jump to avoid them.

If Sloth appears, he will fly above Fury and try to squish her with a slam. Pride will use her singing sword attack. These are the most common attacks but the remaining ones will also appear in the battle and land their own signature weapons. Each summoned apparition will perform one attack and then disappear. However, they may appear again to attack you.

In the later stages of the battle, the apparitions will appear more often and they will attack you again and again. Even with them attacking you, dodge their attacks and keep attacking Envy. Keep close to her and keep a lookout for War’s sword and Death’s Scythe. Use your Stasis Shield as much as possible use Havoc Form whenever you can for an explosive finish.

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