Darksiders III Enemies Guide – Enemy Types, Strengths, Weakness

Darksiders III Enemies Guide

In this Darksiders III Enemies Guide, we will guide you on all the enemies present in Darksiders III. The earth is now under demon control and with humans on the brink of extinction, many other creatures now prowl the earth. Fury will need everything she has to defeat these foul beasts and creatures. The enemies in Darksiders III are really hellish nightmares.

We have curated this Darksiders III Enemies Guide in which we have detailed all of the enemies that are currently found in the game along with their strengths and weaknesses. We have also detailed their signature moves so that you can easily identify their variations and how you can counter them effectively. With this guide, you will have a clear understanding of all the enemies in the game.

Enemies Guide – Darksiders III

Our Darksiders III Enemies Guide details everything that you need to know about enemies in Darksiders III.


Swarm are very aggressive enemies who are mostly found in Haven and Bonelands. They are easily identified due to their hunchback figure. They are very aggressive fighters and due to this aggression they will focus on attacks rather than defense. They will appear in two different variations, Swarm or Swamp Swarm. The normal Swarm love their Lunging claw swipe while the other variation Swamp Swarm will toss Toxic Spores at you.

They will attack in small groups and will jump down at you from cliffs, walls and other high locations. Some of them will even have dual swords but most of them will simply resort to their claws for attacking you. In smaller numbers they do not pose much of a threat but they can be a real force to reckon with in greater numbers.

Their secondary variation, the Swamp Swarm are found near bogs and swamps of Bonelands. They are identical to normal Swarm but they will throw toxic spores at you so you must be very careful while tackling them. The spores will explode and release cloud of spores which are lethal for you so avoid them.


Sycophants are the most common types of enemies in Darksiders and you will encounter them mostly in Haven. These are colorful demons who will try to slash you with their claws. You will find them around most of the places in Haven such as around campfires, ruined buildings and any place where remains of humans are present.

There are seven different types of Sycophants. We have listed them below.

  • Black Sycophant – Attacks with a delayed uppercut.
  • Green Sycophant – Specializes in melee weapons.
  • Ranged Sycophant – Throws daggers at you.
  • Sycophant Captain – Unleashes a charged mace attack.
  • Red Sycophant – Specializes in melee weapons.
  • White Sycophant – Dual-wields blades and has fast attacks.
  • Winged Sycophant – Can teleport and deal a quick dual-stab.

All seven types of Sycophants will attack in mixed groups. It is vital to note that not all of them are very hard to defeat but the Black, White and Sycophant Captains can cause trouble when they arrive in a group. Watch out for them and try to take them out first. Red and Green are the weakest of the bunch.

Some of these will also land special delayed charged attacks. These attacks work like normal charged attacks but they are delayed to confuse the player to dodge early and then land the attack. When they start charging for an attack, do not dodge immediately. Wait a bit and then dodge when they really land their attacks to counter them.


Suffering is like a big ball when it is rolled up but when it wants to attack, it becomes a six legged beast which packs quite a punch. They are found in Haven and can deal massive amount of damage with their leaping ground pound attack. They are mostly found near certain items and it looks as if they were certainly defending that item.

Avoid their legs at all costs. They have six legs and they use all of them for attacking you so it becomes a bit of a stress. They attack with their brute force, charging towards their enemies and breaking anything in their path. Dodging its attack at close range are not enough as it follows with another attack.

The best way to deal with them is side-step while they are charging towards you. They cannot turn quickly due to their massive form and structure so they are like rhinos. They will charge will brute force but cannot turn too quickly. While it is stomping at the ground, it gives you enough to land a few hits on its back. Jumping to higher locations is also a good strategy against them although it might through boulders at you.


You will encounter a wide variety of Insects on the Nether region. Their most common appearance form is in the form of an ambush where they appear from eggs or cocoons suddenly as you approach them. Some of the insects are very easy to kill in the game however some of them can really make your life hell.

Some of the insects are also in the air flying above you while some will explode after coming close to you. Kill the insects and their hives to keep their numbers low otherwise they will keep on coming and making your life difficult. We have detailed the insects that you will encounter in Darksiders III below.

  • Blue Mimic – Attacks with a double-stabbing attack.
  • Brood Mother – Unleashes a powerful mandible charge.
  • Brood Mother Spawn – Explodes like a poisonous bomb.
  • Chain Spider – Pounces on you from a distance.
  • Harvestor – Lands a five-hit combo.
  • Mimic – Lands a deadly stabbing pincer.
  • Mosquito – Has a stinging jab attack.
  • Poison Mosquito – Comes with a toxic explosion attack.
  • Scarab – Swings its powerful claw to deal damage.
  • Sloth Bug – Swings its pincer to land a powerful attack.
  • Spidercrab – Charges at you and lands a deadly uppercut.

Another type of insect present in the game is Bomb Bugs which do not attack you when they see you or you get close to them. It will help you in various ways but it does not attack you at all.


Minions roam Nether region and they also attack in groups. They do not use weapons of any kind but they are very fast and use their claws to attack you. There are five different types of minions in the game which are easy to distinguish with their colors. One of these minions can even call for backup. The deadliest minions will have red eyes and they will not respawn once you kill them.

At no point in the game should you allow yourself to be surrounded by these minions. On the other hand, you should focus on separating them from the pack and trying to kill as many as you can while the pack is busy somewhere else. If they are too much in number, use Fury’s special attacks such as Flame Jump with the Flame Hollow or using some Wrath attacks such as Cataclysm or Immolation against them.

We have detailed the minion types below.

  • Black Minion – Toughest of the lot. Charges at you and lands a claw swipe.
  • Blue Minion – Calls for backup in the battle. Must be eliminated at priority
  • Green Minion – Swipes at you aggressively
  • Ranged Minion – Throws projectiles at you that really hurt
  • Red Minion – Leaps at you and then swipes. Weakest of the bunch


You will encounter skeletons in Hollows and they look like armored skeletons wielding different types of weapons. Their normal soldier is a naked skeleton which has no weapons or armor and will simply run at you and swipe with its hands. There are many other different types of skeletons as well which are much better equipped than the naked skeletons.

You will also encounter Skeleton Sword and Armored Skeleton which pose a bigger threat as they are armored and they can also fight well with the weapons that they are holding. The worst of these bunch are the archers who will continue to pelt you with arrows from a great distance and it will interrupt your attacks and greatly annoy you.

The hardest of this bunch are the Enraged Skeleton which will unleash a deadly charged overhand slam at you. The best moves against these skeletons include Gravel Grinder which is a great move to break the bones of the skeletons. For going up against Armored Skeletons, use attacks like Flicker or Spark and you can easily break its defenses and deal some serious damage.

We have detailed the types of skeletons below.

  • Armored Skeleton – Lands a powerful charge attack.
  • Enraged Skeleton – Lands a delayed overhand attack. Avoid dodging too early.
  • Skeleton – Comes at you and swipes.
  • Skeleton Archer – Uses arrows to attack you. Can be very annoying as the arrows can interrupt your attacks. Deal with them first.
  • Skeleton Sword – Jumps and swings its sword at you.
  • Undead Champion – Toughest of the bunch. Wears heavy armor and uses a heavy sword for attacking.

Lava Monsters

In the Hollow region, you will come across two deadly lava monsters. One is the Lava Abomination while the second one is Lava Brute. Lava Abomination is much smaller and features both ranged and melee attacks. While you are far away, it will throw lava rocks at you. When you get close, it will switch to melee combat and will start attacking with its hand. Even while throwing rocks, it will continue to close the distance with you.

Lave Brute is much tougher to beat. It is much bigger and comes with a big overhand sword. What it has in strength and power, it lacks in speed and agility. Lava Brutes are very slow and you can run circles around them. It will attack with its big axe and swing it three times quickly in close range. The last attack will get stuck in ground. This is the window to attack it. Once it is dead, it will explode so quickly get away after landing the final hit.


Undead are found in Bonelands and they are the common enemies in this region. They fight like most of the other types of enemies but they also come with some unique tricks up their sleeve. The Undead Angel Rider is a tricky enemy because it can teleport and appear right on top of you to land a quick attack. Apart from this, you will really need to watch out for the Undead Scribe as it roams around the area on this throne and fires an energy beam from a decent enough distance.

For close range, it has big claws which can literally tear through anything that come in contact with them. The worst thing about this is that the claws come out from its stomach which really is not pleasant to look at. Another big undead enemy is the Undead Beast. It will attack with a Arcane projectile attack which really packs a punch while ranged and if you get close, its claws and ground pound tactics will turn you into minced meat in no time.

Keep your distance and stick to Havoc form or Wrath Attacks against both, the Undead Beast and the Undead Scribe. Undead Penitent might look intimidating as it can summon Swamp Swarm but it is actually very easy to beat. It will keep its distance from you but it does not pose any real threat including the spawn that is summons.

We have detailed all undead enemies below.

  • Armored Undead Raider – Attacks with its heavy broadsword.
  • Green Undead Angel – Can teleport around the area and lands a ground stab attack.
  • Red Undead Angel Raider – It is very fast and attacks with Arcane projectiles.
  • Undead Angel – Has a purple broadsword for attacking.
  • Undead Angel Brute – It will fight like the Flame Warden
  • Under Angel Raider – It has a Halberd plasma arc and can attack vertically and horizontally.
  • Undead Beast – Fires Arcane Flame at ranged and deals heavy ground pound attacks in close range.
  • Undead Penitent – Can summon Swamp Swarm anywhere.
  • Undead Scribe – Has a very powerful arcane energy blast attacks. Avoid it at all costs.


You will come across Angels in Bonelands. They are tough enemies who can also fly in the air. If they start flying, your aim should be to ground them. Use Flame Jump when they are flying close to you to ground them. They wield big, broadswords which can deal some serious damage in combat.

You can dodge their attacks easily. They mostly come with minions or Undead in the area making the battles much tougher. The second variant of Angels are the Angelic Champions. Luckily, there is only one in the game and it acts like a mini-boss so it is a lot harder to beat in the game. It lands a massive Shield Slam which can really hurt you if you are caught in the attack.


Fish are the only enemies you will come across in the Depths. Since the level is underwater, you will need to use Force Hollow to fight under the water. Without it, you cannot attack underwater. Fish come in many shapes in sizes. Common ones include the Demon Fish which have the ability to fly while fighting you.

They also attack in groups which makes the fight even more harder than it is supposed to be. However, they are extremely easy to kill as a single attack kills them. In the waters, you will also come across Floating Mines. Avoid them as they will explode on contact with you. Apart from them, you will encounter Deep Lurkers and Walking Deep Lurkers in the waters as well.

Deep Lurkers attack with their tentacles and your best bet of killing them is using Force Hollow and then using your basic attacks to kill them. A little bit of Barbs of Scorn will easily dispatch them. Walking Deep Lurkers can throw poison projectiles at you so you will need to get in close and personal with them quickly.


Legion are the defenders of Scar and are much bigger and better trained enemies than any of those you have encountered in the game so far. They come equipped with different weapons and some of these even possess the ability of calling in reinforcements. The smallest of the bunch here are the Phantom Wretches. Simply ignore as they are weak and they die very easily. Focus your attacks on more demanding enemies such as the Trauma and Phantom Guard Captains.

Phantom Guard can summon more enemies so make it a priority. If a Trauma is present in the battle, use Force Hollow or Stasis Hollow and combine their Wrath attacks to take it down. Avoid their attacks and stick to using Wrath attacks. Use Stasis Shield or Cataclysm if necessary. Try to kill the Phantom Guard before he blows his horn to call in more enemies.

We have detailed the Legion enemies below.

  • Phantom Guard – Has an axe and uses it to land some quick attacks.
  • Phantom Guard Ballister – Has a good aim and will throw spears at you from a great distance.
  • Phantom Guard Captain – Can use his horn to call in reinforcements and use his shield for a powerful Shield Slam attack.
  • Phantom Wretch – Swings his pickaxe to attack. It is the weakest of the bunch.
  • Taskmaster – Can summon a clone to attack in the battle.
  • Trauma – Heavily armored. Has a powerful claw uppercut attack.

Random Encounters

There are two creatures that do not fall in any other category so we have listed them here. One of such creatures in the Mansk. Masnsk is totally harmless and never attacks you. You can use it to reach difficult to access areas in the game. Attack it to move it to a desired location and then eight jump on its top or climb it using its tentacles.

The other creature in this list is the Avarice Child. You will encounter them in Nether region where they will throw bombs at you to lure you into their traps. To get up close to them, you will need to avoid their traps and the bombs at the same time.

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This concludes our Darksiders III Enemies Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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