Darksiders III Beginner’s Guide – Health, Leveling Up, Weapon Enhancements

Darksiders III Beginner’s Guide

In this Darksiders III Beginner’s Guide, we will guide you on the basic mechanics of Darksiders III. Darksiders follows Fury, the third of the horsemen of Apocalypse, on her journey to bring the seven sins in order. The journey of Fury is perilous and full of dangers hence it is important that you understand the basic mechanics of the game as soon as possible.

We have curated this Darksiders III Beginner’s Guide in which we have detailed all the basic mechanics of the game with some tips and tricks which will help you get started with the game. We will go on some tips and tricks which will help you stay alive in the game, acquire the best weapons, putting enhancements on the weapons, levelling up Fury to unleash her deadliest arsenal of moves and more.

Beginner’s Guide – Darksiders III

Our Darksiders III Beginner’s Guide ensures that you understand every basic mechanic of Darksiders III before you start your journey in the game.

Choose your Difficulty

Darksiders III offers a variety of difficulties which you can opt for. We recommend that if this is your first time playing a Darksiders game, pick an easier difficulty so that you can understand how the game works. For true hardcore people, the game has Hard and Apocalyptic difficulty but we recommend that since this guide is for beginners we recommend that you pick either Easy or Normal difficulty.

Master Evade Counter

For starting the game, we recommend that you get acquainted with the Evade Counter a.k.a. Arcane Counter. This will help you evade different types of attacks and stay alive for longer even at higher difficulties. Once you have mastered evading enemy attacks, rest can be pretty much the same. Evade and deal damage. Fury is not invincible so you will need to be wary of enemy attacks and evade them.

Keep Fury Alive

Your foremost goal in Darksiders III must be to keep Fury alive in the game. The big green meter in the top left corner of the screen is Fury’s Health Meter. As Fury takes damage, this meter will deplete and Fury will die once this meter is empty. There is no auto-heal in the game so you will need to manually heal yourself using Nephilim’s Respites and Healing Shards.

At the start, you will have 200 health and just a limit of carrying of 2 Nephilim’s Respites. Fury also takes quite a lot of damage so you will need to be quick on your feet and avoid most of the damage in the game. At later stages of the game, you can level up enough and then you can play like a tank. At early stages, Fury is very fragile and must be kept away from harm.

For a detailed guide on Nephilim’s Respites, check out our Darksiders III Nephilim’s Respites Guide.


Eventually you are going to die in the game. When you die in the game, you will respawn at the nearest Serpent Hole. You will have full health and two Nephilim’s Respites when you start again. You will need to head back to the location you died to collect your souls. However, the enemies will also spawn back so you will need to fight your way back to your place of death.

Wrath Attacks

If you look right under the Health meter, you will see a yellow bar. This is your Wrath meter. Once the meter is full, you can use trigger your Wrath attacks which depending on the type of attack, might drain the meter in one attack or drain it gradually. You can equip different Hollows according to your will and choose an attack to your liking.

Wrath Attacks deal a great amount of damage to enemies but you can get hit during this time to watch out for enemy attacks. These attacks greatly increase the combat effectiveness of Fury and we recommend that you use them when encountering harder enemies or mini bosses which you will come across your journey.

Havoc Form

Fury’s ultimate form is Havoc form. This is the meter next to Health and Stamina bar. You fill this bar by dealing damage to enemies and killing them. Keep hitting enemies and your Havoc form will gradually increase to maximum. Once it is full, press L1+R2 or LB+RT to unleash your Havoc Form.

While in Havoc Form, Fury’s movement will be slowed down but your damage will increase massively and becomes invincible. This will last 15 seconds but can be upgraded later with the Chaos enhancement. This mode works excellent against large groups of enemies, bigger enemies and fighting enemies while you are low on health.

Fury’s Weapons

Fury’s main weapon is Scorn and she will use it for battles in the game. This mastercrafted weapon has different forms in Darksiders III and you can apply different sorts of enhancements and Hollows to it. This will give you more upgraded versions of Scorn and they will specialize in certain aspects which you can use in certain situations.

You can also opt for newer abilities and forms which will greatly help Fury in the battle. There are also a number of different advanced combat abilities which will really help you tame the monsters the game throws at you. Use Hollows to change the forms of Scorn. With each new form, you will also get many new unique attacks and abilities to make sure to upgrade Scorn.

For a more detailed guide on Scorn, its upgrades and move sets, check out our Darksiders III Scorn Guide.

Level Up

At certain point in the main story of the game, you will meet Vulgrim who will sell you different useful items and upgrades. You will need souls to purchase these upgrades. Each time you level up, you will earn Attribute Points. Using these Attribute Points in three different categories will make Fury even better.

These three categories include Health, Strength and Arcane. Make sure that you keep a balance of all these three categories because each of these are equally important to level up. When you earn souls in the world, you can feed them to Vulgrim to level up and earn Attribute Points. You can also find Luminous Visages spread around the earth to earn Attributes as well.

Understand your Opponents

It is vital that you understand your opponents when you encounter them for the first time. Each of the enemies will have a certain strength and a certain weakness. You must hit the enemies where they are weak and avoid their strong points. Also learn the attack patterns of each enemy so that you can quickly dodge their attacks.

You will come across a wide variety of enemies in the game ranging from demons, skeletons to other unholy creatures. Most of these spawn in their respective regions and each of them have special attacks and weaknesses. Learn your enemies and try to anticipate their attack patterns. This will help you in surviving in the game.

For a detailed guide on enemies featured in Darksiders III, check out our Darksiders III Enemies Guide.

This concludes our Darksiders III Beginner’s Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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