Darksiders III Avarice Boss Battle Guide – Move List, How to Defeat, Tips

Darksiders III Avarice Boss Battle Guide

In this Darksiders III Avarice Boss Battle Guide, we will guide you on how you can defeat the third boss Avarice in Darksiders III. In Darksiders III, Fury is out to defeat the seven sins from the earth and the third one is Avarice. Throughout the course of the main story, Fury will come face to face with these seven deadly bosses and Fury will need to defeat each one of them.

Each of these bosses come with unique challenges and their own unique move sets. We have curated this Darksiders III Avarice Boss Battle Guide in which we will share some tips and tricks on how you can defeat the third boss Avarice in the game. Along with this, we have also shared Avarice’s move list and how you can counter them easily.

Avarice Boss Battle Guide – Darksiders III

Our Darksiders III Avarice Boss Battle Guide details everything that you need to know about defeating Avarice, the third of the sins in Darksiders III.

Avarice’s Move List

We have detailed all attacks performed by Avarice below along with how you can counter them.

Leaping Ground Pound

This is a classic jump and strike attack. Avarice will jump high in the air and then land on your location with a big punch damaging you. You will need to dodge this attack at the right time to get out of the way. Avarice can land the Leaping Ground Pound from the ground or the tower.

Junk Toss

Avarice will be jumping to his towers in the arena often. After landing on a tower, Avarice will randomly pick an object from the tower and throw it at Fury. You will need to dodge to avoid the incoming junk.

Swipe Attacks

Avarice will occasionally lift his left or right arm in the air and swipe across to attack Fury. You can use the short window while he is lifting his hand up to land a quick combo and then dodge quickly when he swipes his hand.

Bathtub and Clock Attacks

Avarice is not short on items to throw at you. At one point in the battle, Avarice will pick up a bathtub or a grandfather clock from the junk lying around in the arena and use it as a weapon. He will slam it in front of him so be ready to dodge out of the way. After the slam, he will swing the item and will finally throw it at you. Be ready to move out of the way.

Refrigerator Attack

This is his final attack in the list and he performs it while his health is almost gone. He will get himself a big refrigerator and start using it as a weapon. He will not throw it at you but will slam it, swing it and use it to charge at you. Dodge to avoid all of his attacks.

Boss Battle Tips

Avarice looks fat and with a lot of load on his back, he is certainly not slow. He is a very fast and agile fighter and will do a lot of leaping to get to his towers of junk. Avarice will start the battle with a ground pound attack so get ready to get out of the way. Dodge the attack and head to the opposite side than the one he is coming from.

You can counter after he has landed his attack but after that run away from him. Do not get too close to Avarice or he will start slashing at you with his claws. He will switch between left and right hands for attacking you. Do not go near walls as he might pin you against walls and then he will go in a swiping frenzy.

When Avarice is on one of his towers, get ready to dodge the upcoming junk. He will pull out random items from the junk and throw them at you. Time you dodge right otherwise the object will hit you if you dodge too late or too quickly. Also do not get near to Avarice while he is on a tower. Keep your distance.

When he pulls out the grandfather clock or a refrigerator, get back quickly as he will slam, swing and then eventually throw it at you dealing severe damage to you. If you are good enough, lure him near one if his own towers and while he is swinging wildly, he will knock out one of his own towers.

If you want to attack Avarice while he is on top of his tower, you will need to use Flame Jump and then attack him with your weapon. During this attack the chances of you getting hit at around 90% as your attacks do nothing to interrupt his throw. We recommend that you keep your distance while he is on his tower.

Once enough damage has been dealt to Avarice, he will eventually pull out a big refrigerator. When he does so, this will mean that the fight is now in its final phase. This will be his last weapon so he will not throw it at you but he will keep slamming and swinging it around to damage you. He will also charge with it.

His speed will also increase while he is using the refrigerator and the attacks will be quick. Dodge quickly and be very agile while he has the refrigerator. Use Havoc Form for dealing maximum damage during this phase. Avarice will eventually go down. Check the arena for loot after you are done here.

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This concludes our Darksiders III Avarice Boss Battle Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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