Dark and Darker Spells Guide – Spells Effects, Uses, Cost

Dark and Darker Spells Guide

Dark and Darker has plenty of different Spells for both the Wizards and Clerics, where casting each of these spells can give you various benefits. Furthermore, this advantage can heavily give you an advantage when fighting against enemies. This Dark and Darker Spells Guide will list all the spells, what each spell does, how many times you can use them before cooldown, and how much Spell Memory you will need to equip them.

Dark and Darker Spells Guide

Both the Wizards and Clerics have their own different Spells that differentiate the combat style. Clerics provide a more supportive role when it comes to Spells, while Wizard Spells are more focused on taking the fight to the enemy.

Cleric Spells

Spell Effect SP Cost Uses Before Cooldown
Bind Binds the target for 0.75 seconds. 3 4
Bless Target gains +3 to Strength, Agility, and Will attributes for 30 seconds. Casts to self if no target is found. 1 5
Cleanse Removes all harmful magic effects from the target. 2 5
Divine Strike Increases weapon damage by 10 for 20 seconds. 2 5
Holy Light Heals an ally for 30 HP or does 100 base magical damage to an undead target. 5 4
Lesser Heal Heals the target for 15 health. Casts to self if no target is found. 2 4
Protection Creates a shield that blocks 20 physical damage for 20 seconds. 1 5
Resurrection Target an ally to resurrect them from the dead. The corpse must have a soul heart. 8 1
Sanctuary Concentrates on a specific area for a certain period of time, healing friendly beings within the area by 5 per second and dealing 14 spell damage to undead per second. 6 2

Wizard Spells

Spell Effect SP Cost Uses Before Cooldown
Chain Lightning Electrocutes the target, inflicts spell damage, and fires lightning that is transferred to a being within 5 meters and shocks up to 3 times. It does not transfer to the target it was transferred to once, and it transfers to yourself if you are nearby. 6 3
Fireball Shoots a fireball that causes 30 direct damage to a target, 10 splash damage and a knock back effect to nearby targets/ 4 5
Haste Target gains a 14% action and move speed bonus for 11 seconds. Casts to self if no target is found. 3 4
Ice Bolt On hit, it deals magic damage and reduces the target’s movement speed by -15% for 1 second 2 5
Ignite Set the target’s weapon on fire, dealing 5 additional magic damage and burning enemies when they hit 1 5
Invisibility Target becomes invisible and gains a 10% move speed bonus for 3 seconds. Casts to self if no target is found. 4 4
Light Orb Blows up spheres of floating lights to brightly illuminate the surroundings 1 6
Lightning Strike After 4 seconds, a bolt of lightning falls on the targeted area, dealing spell damage. 4 5
Magic Missile Fires up to 10 homing missiles that each deal 12 damage. Stops firing when you move. 3 5
Slow Slows the target’s movement speed by -40% for 2.5 seconds 2 5
Zap If hit, it deals magic damage and burns the target for 1 second. 1 5

That’s all the Spells for both the Clerics and Wizards in Dar and Darker. Post your comments below.


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