Dark and Darker Portals Guide – How to Extract, Blue and Red Portals

Dark and Darker Portals Guide

Dark and Darker is all about looting and finding an extraction point, allowing you to return back with all the items that you have collected. Portals do just that, where they allow you to exit the game. This Dark and Darker Portals Guide will show you how to extract in the game and what Portals do in the game.

Dark and Darker Portals Guide

Extraction in Dark and Darker can be done by first locating and then taking the Blue Portals. These special portals allow you to exit the game, with all the loot that you have collected. The only problem here is that Blue portals are placed randomly in the game, forcing players to find a way out on their own. Blue Portals also emit a low sound when you get close to them, indicating that you are close to an extraction point.

In addition, you also need the blue headstones to use the portals. This item is required for you to interact with a blue portal, allowing you to extract.

Red Portals

While the Blue Portals let you extract with all the items that you have collected, the game also features Red Portals. These are portals that work in a similar way of transporting you, but take you deeper in the dungeon instead of extracting you out. Red Portals are best used by players that are looking for better or rare items and are ready to face tougher challenges.

This concludes our Dark and Darker Portals Guide. Post your comments below.


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