CS:GO Skin Upgrade: Boost Your Inventory in a Few Clicks 

CS GO Skin

CS: GO players were always looking for ways to increase the value of their skins. But ordinary methods like placing stickers or trading take lots of time or money. But an easy solution was found with the invention of the CS: GO Skin Upgrade system.

CS: GO Skin Upgrade system: How does it work, when and why to use it

Get ready to discover the features of the skin upgrade mechanic and learn how to apply them to your inventory. Later in the text, you will find a step-by-step guide on using the feature, but it would be best if you followed along. For that purpose, use this CS: GO upgrade site and start turning your inventory into something worthy.

What is a CS: GO Skin Upgrade system?

CS: GO Upgrade system is a feature allowing you to turn a couple of your cheaper skins into more expensive ones. This system is presented only on different case-opening websites. But if you want to do something similar in the game, you can use a contract method. But in contrast to skin upgrades, contracts will not guarantee a high-value item. 

CS GO Skin

What skins should I put in the “upgrade”?

Generally, the bigger the value of the skins you put in the upgrade tab, the better your final result will be. But you shouldn’t rush throwing all your skins to get the expensive one. First, upgrade the skins you are not planning to use in the game or are worthless and can’t be sold. Anyway, you don’t need those cheap skins and are unlikely to sell/trade them. But if you upgrade them, you have a chance to get something worth your attention.

On the contrary, if you fish for something bigger, you can invest in pricey items. But before doing that, always consider the result you might end up getting.

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What skins can I get from the “upgrade”?

After upgrading some of your skins, you will be given an item with approximately the same value as the investment. By that, we mean you can get any skin, including the super rare ones. For example, if you put in plenty of expensive skins, you may get a jackpot and win an AWP Dragon Lore. But when you invest in low-priced skins, you shouldn’t expect something similar. 

Step-by-step guide on how to use CS: GO Skin Upgrade

To start giving your inventory a next-level value, you should follow these steps:

  1. Find a proper website with a skin upgrade system like Farmskins
  2. Sign up at the platform and connect your account to steam if needed;
  3. Open CS: GO Skin Upgrade section and select the skins from your collection you want to upgrade;
  4. Once you have chosen the skins, you will need to trade them to the website (in most cases, you would need to accept a trade offer or trade with a website’s bot);
  5. When skins go in, you will see what your prize is

Some of the steps might differ based on your chosen platform, but we hope you get a general picture.

How to get the skin that I got, and what to do with it?

When the CS: GO Skin Upgrade is over, you will be rewarded with a certain item. Depending on the website, it will go into the website’s inventory or be directly sent to your steam account. If it stays in the website’s inventory, you need to request a trade offer, which will be sent to you. On the second occasion, you skip this step and can instantly get a trade offer.

You can do anything with the skin you got. If you like its visuals, go ahead and use it in the game. If you are into other types of designs, it is not a problem: you can sell them or trade them for different items. Regardless of your choice, the value is obvious. 

What are the pros and cons of the CS: GO Skin Upgrade system?

The skin Upgrade system is a unique feature that allows you to get rid of your old skins and entertainingly obtain better ones. You can also transform plenty of cheaper items into worthy ones. That way, you can avoid the boring routine of selling each skin for a couple of cents and quickly get them into a single valuable unit. 

When it comes to the cons, the most noticeable one is the fact that sometimes you might get skin that is slightly cheaper than the overall price you invested. Also, the fact that you have to interact with non-Valve websites turns some users off.

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