Battle of the Best – Dragon Ball Z vs Naruto

Dragon Ball Z

I grew up in a traditional household. But you can imagine the havoc anime caused. Just because my father grew up watching Dragon Ball Z and I, Naruto. Poles apart, we couldn’t really respect each other’s opinions.

Often, my mom had to intervene to ceasefire the verbal war. Nonetheless, Naruto and DBZ taught us never to stop so we still come to blows sometimes. However, the intensity of our clashes has decreased with time.

Still, the question of the best anime is left unanswered. So, why don’t we give a shot at answering a million-dollar question? Don’t worry, I won’t proclaim Naruto the undisputed winner. Together, we’ll talk about facts and decide the winner.

Alright then, let’s get started:

The Storyline

A catchy storyline holds the utmost importance in anime. As Naruto’s sequel; Boruto, and DBZ saga still rages on, the cardinal factor is the thrilling storyline.

Talking about the story, can we deduct a single point from either of them? We dare not!

However, we need to get some facts straight here.

Don’t you think Naruto’s story is much more relatable than DBZ’s? You may call me biased for saying this, but let me justify it.

A gluttonous orphan, misunderstood and mocked by the majority. Still, desiring to reach the top. As his journey unfolds, he finds great mentors and honest friends to guide him. See, that’s a story, where fighting doesn’t take center stage. Moreover, a love triangle makes everything complex, yet entertaining.

Dragon Ball Z

On the other hand, no doubt DBZ is great, but does it have a love triangle? Just Kidding.

On a serious note, don’t you think DBZ is more focused on fights only? And why is it always Goku who gets the limelight? I strongly believe Vegeta does the same amount of work sometimes.

Apart from this, DBZ has produced some iconic moments for anime lovers. Be it Gohan’s final attack on Cell or Goku-Vegeta fusing into Vegito or Gogeta, no episode of DBZ disappoints.

We know how difficult it is to find such classic anime. One that brings us down to memory lane. But don’t worry, you can still recall the lost memories.


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The Enemies

Scary, bloodthirsty enemies bring life to everything. In anime, there’s no shortage of such villains as well.

Be it Frieza, Cell, Brolly, Jiren, Akatsuki, Orochimaru, and Madara, DBZ and Naruto fans admired these characters. However, do these antagonists really justify their character? Here’s what I think:

Naruto’s enemies were more relevant. They had a rationale behind their motives. Take the example of Madara. He didn’t want to rule the world. He just wanted to end the bloodshed the ninja world caused for a long time, and he wasn’t wrong too. However, the way he chose to execute his plan wasn’t right.

In DBZ, villains were quite self-centered. Driven by a lust for power, they wanted to kill and conquer whatever got in their way. Be it Frieza whose purpose was to kill every Omni-King to become the universe’s ruler. Or Cell, whose goal was to achieve the perfect state and wreak havoc on everything. Pretty basic, right?

You can find a clear distinction between DBZ and Naruto’s villains. Not only Naruto’s enemies were foresighted but had logic to back their actions. On the other hand, DBZ’s villains were great, but they all lacked a purposeful goal, one that would set them apart from everyone.

The Supporting Cast

Sometimes, supporting roles cast the protagonist’s personality. The story may not revolve around them, but they’re always present.

Finally, we’ve found a common ground between DBZ and Naruto. Be it Sasuke or Vegeta, both played a major role in constructing Naruto and Goku’s characters respectively. Thanks to them, the story felt alive as they pushed the main characters to be what they had become.

However, there are some contrasting differences too. Naruto’s supporting cast is pretty helpful whenever Naruto’s in trouble. In short, he can depend on them. On the other hand, who else does Goku have on his side whenever he’s in trouble except Vegeta? Gohan, who rarely fights? Trunks, who is the master of making short cameos? In short, no one.

Winding Up

Undoubtedly, Naruto and Dragon Ball Z are unparalleled. With time, they’ve proved their popularity around the world. As for the best anime, let this debate be unsettled. Simply because it wouldn’t be wise to conclude the unmatched rivalry.

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