Crab Champions Best Weapons Guide – All Best Weapons to Get

Crab Champions Best Weapons Guide

There are several options for weapons in Crab Champions, from the minigun to sniper and shotguns that you can unlock and use. However, there are some weapons that stand out the best from all weapons, as this Crab Champions Best Weapons Guide will show you how to get them and what those good weapons are.

Crab Champions Best Weapons Guide

Weapons are unlocked from the main base using Keys that you get from defeating enemies and bosses. The keys can be used at the totem with the blue skull, where you can then get the weapon to use.


The Minigun is the best weapon in the game, as it is not only a fast weapon that sprays down bullets, but it also packs high damage.

Burst Pistol

If you can’t get the Minigun, the Burst Pistol also works in a similar fashion, except that the bullets come in burst sequences. However, the bullets deal a lot of damage, and with high accuracy, you can use the pistol to its full potential.

Blade Launcher

The Blade Launcher is an interesting weapon in the sense that it not only deals high damage but will also reflect and hit other targets, allowing you to cut down multiple enemies at once.

Shotgun Pistol

The Shotgun Pistol is another decent weapon that packs a punch, with a decent rate of fire allowing you to quickly take down several enemies per shot.


If you are good with a sniper rifle and its scoped shots, this weapon is made for you. It can be hard to master, especially considering how many other good weapon choices the game has to offer, but the sniper has its own advantage if you can make use of it.

That’s all the best weapons in the game as shown in this Crab Champions Best Weapons Guide. Post your comments below.

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