Cougar Gaming Reveals Latest PC Cases, Gaming Chairs, and More Products at Computex 2023

Cougar Gaming Cases

Cougar Gaming has returned to Computex 2023 where it unveiled all the latest evolution of cases: Panzer series, a full lineup of cooling products, a new range of gaming chairs with inspiration from motorsport and integrated cooling, and other products that include encompassing fans, water cooling, and air cooling solutions.

Starting with the Panzer 800, the latest gaming case is an armored beast full tower that is clearly inspired by armored vehicles, while even named after the German word for a tank ie: Panzer. The case’s physical appearance features a rugged build with aggressive lines and a sleek black finish.

The case also features cable management support to keep things tidy, I/O control center with Type-C port, four USB 3.0 ports, an audio jack, an integrated RGB button and fan speed controller. Other features include exceptional cooling thanks to the perforated front panel with hexagonal holes and the support of 12 fans that can be fitted besides the water-cooling radiator and CPU cooler locations.

The Panzer 800 is ready to fit in an E-ATX motherboard, a 460mm graphic card, two 3.5” HDDS, and four 2.5” SSDs.

Cougar Gaming Cases

Next are the two new gaming chairs that are the NxSys Aero and the Hotrod. The NxSys comes integrated with the best of ergonomics, cooling technology, and style. There is an integrated 200mm ARGB fan that helps the air circulation that is directed towards your back to keep you comfortable. In addition, there is an innovative elastomeric mesh and ventilated back cover that creates a unique cushioning effect that Cougar claims “makes you feel like you’re floating on air”

The second gaming chair is the Hotrod, which draws inspiration from the sleek, lightweight design and high performance features of motorsports. The chair is engineered in such a way that it will fit your body precisely for maximum comfort and control. 

What do you think of all the new cases and gaming chairs by Cougar? Post your comments below.

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