CORSAIR Launches Innovative Dual Chamber PC Cases: The 6500 and 2500 Series

CORSAIR Dual Chamber Cases

In a significant move that revitalizes the dual chamber PC case market, CORSAIR has unveiled the 6500 and 2500 Series PC cases. These new entries are designed to enhance the PC building experience, offering unmatched customization and performance. Drawing from the successful airflow design of its predecessors, the 680X and 280X, the 6500 and 2500 Series cases are engineered for both functionality and aesthetics, supporting the latest innovations in motherboard design, including the new reverse connector motherboards.

Compatibility and Design

The 6500 and 2500 Series cases are fully compatible with reverse connector motherboards, such as the ASUS BTF and MSI Project Zero. This compatibility ensures a cleaner and more organized build by concealing connections behind the motherboard tray. When paired with CORSAIR’s iCUE LINK ecosystem, these cases offer a streamlined building process, minimizing cable clutter and enhancing the visual appeal of the main chamber.

Optimized Airflow and Visual Flair

For those prioritizing cooling efficiency, the 6500D AIRFLOW and 2500D AIRFLOW models feature comprehensive mesh paneling for maximum air intake. Alternatively, the 6500X and 2500X models cater to enthusiasts seeking to showcase their builds, equipped with tempered glass panels for a clear view of the internal components. The dual-chamber layout distinctly separates the thermal management and cable management areas, allowing for direct airflow over critical components and accommodating multiple radiator configurations for superior cooling performance.

User-Friendly Features and Customization

The 6500 and 2500 Series boast an array of features designed to simplify the building process. These include CORSAIR’s innovative Quikturn™ fan screws, tool-free front panels, and versatile grommets, all contributing to a hassle-free setup. Furthermore, CORSAIR offers a wide selection of personalization options through its webstore, including alternative panel materials, vertical GPU mounts, and more, allowing builders to tailor their cases to their unique preferences.


Aaron Neal, Director of DIY Product Marketing at CORSAIR, emphasized the company’s commitment to advancing the dual chamber case design, stating, “Our goal was not only to maintain the high standards set by the 680X and 280X but to surpass them by integrating new features that enhance both the aesthetic and functional aspects of PC building.”

Availability and Pricing

The CORSAIR 6500 Series and 2500 Series Dual Chamber PC Cases, along with a comprehensive range of accessories, are now available for purchase directly from the CORSAIR webstore and through its global network of authorized retailers and distributors. These cases come with a two-year warranty, supported by CORSAIR’s extensive customer service and technical support network.

CORSAIR Dual Chamber Cases

For detailed pricing information on the 6500 Series, 2500 Series, and their respective accessories, please visit the CORSAIR website or consult with a CORSAIR sales or PR representative. CORSAIR has also announced the release of its new RX Series Fans.

With the introduction of the 6500 and 2500 Series cases, CORSAIR continues to lead the way in PC case design, offering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of PC builders and enthusiasts worldwide.

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