Interdimensional Games Inc Set to Launch CONSORTIUM VR and CONSORTIUM Remastered in Q2 2024


Exciting news for virtual reality (VR) enthusiasts and gaming aficionados! Interdimensional Games Inc has officially announced the departure of CONSORTIUM VR from Early Access on Steam, scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2024. Alongside this milestone, CONSORTIUM Remastered will also be launched on the same date, offering players an immersive and revamped gaming experience.

CONSORTIUM VR transports players to the futuristic world of 2042, where they step into the shoes of Consortium Bishop Six, a prominent global peacekeeper. What sets this interactive experience apart is the incorporation of players’ own voices, allowing them to engage with a diverse cast of over 20 characters. This dynamic interaction enables players to forge friendships or rivalries, shaping the narrative as they navigate a compelling murder mystery with elements of potential action. The campaign promises a deeply interactive journey spanning 6-10 hours, offering players multiple avenues to explore and engage with the story.

Check out the Meta Quest gameplay footage trailer below:

In conjunction with these exciting releases, Interdimensional Games Inc has launched its newly redesigned website, now live and featuring an enhanced blog section. The revamped blog archives all publicly shared posts dating back to the end of 2009, offering a comprehensive look into the company’s backstory and evolution over the years. While the website is still undergoing refinement and content additions, it serves as a valuable resource for fans and newcomers alike.

Key features of CONSORTIUM VR and CONSORTIUM Remastered include:

  • V.O.I.C.E Interaction: Utilize your own voice to interact with a diverse cast of characters, shaping alliances and conflicts in a nuanced murder mystery narrative.
  • Freedom of Choice: Embrace diplomacy or opt for more aggressive approaches, utilizing an array of weapons and equipment to navigate the narrative.
  • In-Depth Worldbuilding: Access an Information Console filled with alt-history, culture, geopolitics, and character back-stories, enhancing immersion and depth.
  • Interactive Controls: Control weapons, gear, and equipment via interactive screens, adding a layer of realism to the VR experience.
  • Virtual Trainer (VT) and Modding Support: Explore various gameplay scenarios in the Virtual Trainer and create custom levels using the built-in VT editor, with modding support for sharing creations with the community.


The upcoming launch of CONSORTIUM VR and CONSORTIUM Remastered signifies a significant milestone for Interdimensional Games Inc, promising an engaging and immersive gaming experience for VR enthusiasts and narrative-driven gamers alike. Stay tuned for further updates and announcements as the release date approaches. If you are interested in jumping into COSORTIUM VR right now, it is available on Steam in Early Access.

Would you be interested in playing CONSORTIUM VR or CONSORTIUM Remastered when they arrive later this year? Let us know in the comments section below.

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