Classic Card-Matching Games Perfect for Online Gaming

Card-Matching Games

Are you looking for a classic card-matching game to keep you entertained online? Well, you’re in luck because the advent of technology allowed players to enjoy their traditional favorites on different devices so everyone could join in the fun. From Phase 10 to Egyptian Rat Screw, these classic card-matching games are sure to bring back fond memories from your childhood while giving you a connection with those near and far.

Furthermore, playing cards encourages skills like strategic thinking and creative problem-solving, two excellent talents for young learners and experienced players alike! If you’re ready, let’s dive right in; read on for our top picks featuring favorite classic titles you can now enjoy online!

Top Classic Card-Matching Games You Can Access Online

Thanks to technology and the internet, everyone can play their favorite games with friends from anywhere in the world. We’re not talking about modern video games but traditional titles like classic card-matching games!

Now, digital versions are available for those who want to play on the go, don’t have a deck of cards, or if you simply want to play with your online friends. These games include:

Phase 10

An American card game distributed by Mattel and created by Kenneth Johnson in 1982 is Phase 10. It’s influenced by the classic card game called Rummy, but what makes this game different is it uses colorful cards instead of the Anglo-American suits. Two to ten players can join; all you need is a Phase 10 card deck to begin.

Much like Rummy, the goal is to eliminate all cards from your hand by playing them out. It starts with each player receiving ten cards, with the remaining cards placed at the center as the draw pile face-down. The top card from the draw pile is revealed and set aside. After that, players take turns playing one card from the draw or discard pile. Once a player has completed all conditions of the current phase, they reveal the completed phase and set it aside.

There are different phases in the game, and each player should memorize them. Phases will consist of sets and runs. Sets are cards from the same rank, while runs are sequences of cards with an increasing rank.

Card-Matching Games
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The Cribbage card game is another complex game in the card combination genre. Many players are intimidated by this game since it includes a Cribbage board and pegs for scoring. The scoring system itself is also a bit complicated to understand. However, studying the game mechanics is all you need to become a pro.

Game mechanics to remember:

  • Best played by two people only
  • The dealer distributes six cards to each player
  • The goal is to be the first to score 121 points
  • Players can score a point when they make a count of precisely 15
  • Counting can’t exceed 31

Certain card combinations will earn you a point, but you have to be observant. Players are required to count the points out loud when showing combinations. These include pairs, flushes, runs, and more. Try a game here.


Rummy is a family of card-matching games with plenty of variations for players to try. Due to its straightforward gameplay, numerous players prefer playing it since the game doesn’t require much skill. Knowing how to match cards and the combinations available is enough to give them a score.

Most Rummy variations are famous in their unique way. Although they have subtle rule differences, the main element remains the same: discarding all cards through meld-making. For instance, 500 Rum is a variation where players must make sets or sequences with their hands. They can also draw a card from the draw pile and reveal the meld they made by setting it on the table.

You might want to explore more variations, such as Canasta, Gin Rummy, and Indian Rummy. Each game has its special twist, so it’s up to you which one suits your preference. If card-matching is your forte, you’ll have a wonderful time playing the many variations of Rummy!

Egyptian Rat Screw

A fast-paced game with the titular slapping mechanic is Egyptian Rat Screw. Speed and Slapjack heavily influence this card-matching game. The best number of players would be three, but more are also welcome.

Egyptian Rat Screw gameplay basics:

  • The dealer deals an equal number of cards to all players.
  • The cards played should be visible to all players in the table.
  • The player’s turn is in clockwise order until face cards appear.
  • Players playing the face cards become the challenger who challenges the next player.
  • The challenged player must play an Ace or another face card to win the round.
  • The challenger takes all cards from the pile, including the face card, if the challenger can’t play a face card or an Ace.
  • Card combinations facilitate the slapping action: Doubles, Sandwiches, Runs, or Wilds.
  • The game ends once the winner collects all the cards in the game.

The matching element in Egyptian Rat Screw depends on the cards played. For instance, the player before you played a two and you played another two, then it’s called a Double. Just don’t forget to use your dexterity because the fastest player to slap the cards gets to take the pile.


Last but not least is Kemps or Camps. It’s another enjoyable card game that’s all about teamwork and camaraderie. It’s played by four players in two teams, and the goal is to make a four-of-a-kind card combination. What sets this apart from other games in the list is that players must have a signal to indicate to their partners that they’re done creating the four-of-a-kind combination.

Each player receives four cards face down. After that, another four cards are placed in the center face-up. Players will have the choice to exchange one of their cards from the face-up cards on the table. Swapping the ones you know you don’t need is a good idea.

Once all four cards have been exchanged, they will be replaced by another batch for exchange. Once players have satisfied their four-of-a-kind, they can signal their partner to call out “Kemps,” and the cards will be revealed. They can also call out “Cut” if they think their opponents have a four-of-a-kind. If it was incorrectly called out, the team will be penalized. If they’re correct, they win the round.

Combine and Match Cards Anywhere Through Online Gaming

The games above are best played online if you want to focus on honing your skills and learning strategies. In our fast-paced world, finding time to gather friends and family for a game night can be challenging. By playing these games online, you can enjoy them anywhere with an internet connection or opt for offline gaming against intelligent AIs!

Did we include your favorite Card-Matching Games in this list? If not, make sure to share with us in the comments section below.

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