Call of Duty Warzone Vehicles Guide – All Vehicle Types, Where to Find

Call of Duty Warzone Vehicles Guide

This Call of Duty Warzone Vehicles Guide will show you all the types of vehicles you can find in the game. Vehicles are absolutely necessary in Warzone when trying to escape from the gas, and from going to a different location.

In total, there are five different vehicles you can find on the map. Vehicles vary from passenger space, movement speed, and incoming damage protection. When you start the game, you will eventually spot a large truck, or a helicopter flying past you. All such vehicles can be obtained and used for your advantage. Now let’s look at what vehicles are in the game, and how they function in Warzone.

Call of Duty Warzone Vehicles Guide

Below we have detailed all the vehicles that you can use in Call of Duty Warzone.


The ATV is exactly what you can expect from this small and nimble vehicle. It has decent speed and will get you from point A to point B, especially if covering short distances. However, the vehicle has its drawbacks. The first one that you will notice is that it can only seat 2 people including the driver. If you are playing as a team of three players, one of your players will either have to walk or find another vehicle.

The second drawback of this vehicle is that you are open to incoming attacks. Any player from somewhat medium range distance can easily spray and knock you over. It would be best if you don’t count on the ATV to travel on roads and areas where other players would be present. Otherwise, you will find yourself in the Gulag in no time.

Tactical Rover

This vehicle is a somewhat mini version of a buggy, where this rover will not only have space for all of your team members but will provide some better protection for you and your team. The three-seater will allow one passenger next to the driver, while another will be seated at the back for a perfect position to watch and engage opponents behind you.

The rover is slightly faster than the ATV, but it still can be used to travel long distances. If you can snake the vehicle and dodge the incoming bullets, you can speed past any hostile location you want to escape from.


Now we are getting in the bigger vehicle category, and there is no better and balanced vehicle than the SUV. It offers just enough protection and speed to take you longer distances and provide cover from attacks. While not as fast, it has better control and protection.

It is also a bigger vehicle, which means that it can be seen and heard from anywhere. If you stick on the main roads of Verdansk, the SUV will work great.

Cargo Truck

The cargo truck is the largest land vehicle in the game. This big bulky truck is not only slow, but is also one of the loudest in the game. However, the vehicle is also very good at protection. The best thing about the cargo truck is that you can carry an ATV or a Tactical Rover on its back. This makes it a really good transport vehicle.

The truck also provides excellent cover for players riding on the back of the truck. Players can go prone and have 100% protection from the sides and the front, except of course the back and any opponents that attack from above.


This is the best choice of transport in the game, and unsurprisingly the most vehicle of choice already in the game. The helicopter is great to travel across the map, as it not on is the fastest, but can also take you away from danger pretty quickly.

The helicopter is no immune to attacks either, as it can be locked on to with rocket launchers and can be blown to bits from the sky. Fortunately, the helicopter has a built-in alert system that will give you time to fire flares or even bail out of the helicopter. So be careful next time and always be on the move when flying above hostile locations.

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