Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies Voyage of Despair Guide – Sentinel Artifact, Zombie Shield, Pack-a-Punch Machine

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies Voyage of Despair Guide

In this Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies Voyage of Despair Guide, we will guide you on different important tasks that you will need to perform in the Voyage of Despair map which will unlock many important features for you. Voyage of Despair is one of the maps included in the Zombies mode in Black Ops 4 which is based on a giant ship.

We have curated this Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies Voyage of Despair Guide for you in which we have detailed the complete walkthrough of important tasks such as finding and activating the Zombie Shield, getting the Sentinel Artifact and activation the Pack-a-Punch machine.

Voyage of Despair Guide – Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies

Our Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies Voyage of Despair Guide details everything that you need to know about the Voyage of Despair map in Zombies mode of Call of Duty Black Ops 4.

Getting the Sentinel Artifact

Before you start doing anything else on the map, your first stop should be to collect the Sentinel Artifact. It is located on the Poop Deck which is located on the complete opposite side of where you start the game.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies Voyage of Despair Guide

As soon as the game starts, you must make your way to the complete opposite side of the ship where this artifact is located. Along the way, you will see some paths blocked with a red seal instead of the regular blue seal. These red seal doors can only be opened once the Sentinel Artifact has been acquired.

As soon as the game starts on this map, head to first door up ahead and open it which is leading to the upper deck of the ship. From there, make your way to the end of the captain’s cabin where you will come across yet another door. Open it up and go down the stairs from here. Keep going straight to the other end where you will come to another door. Open it.

This will open in the ship’s lounge. Make your way further and you will eventually come to the perk altar. Look for a door on it right side. Unlock that door and continue ahead to come back outside. Once outside, you must make your way up some broken planks on the right side. Do not go to the left side. You will easily notice the planks making a way up on the right side.

Once you are up, you will come to another door. Open it and continue forward. This is the last door between you and the artefact. Once the door is open, you will instantly see the blue light of the artefact up ahead floating in midair. Go to it and interact with it to activate it. It will give out some red sparks and will give you access to the complete ship.

Building the Zombie Shield

Now that you have access to the complete ship, you can start working towards other important tasks on the map such as building your zombie shield. For the Zombie Shield, you must find and collect three different parts. These parts are Handles, Visor and the Shield itself. All these three parts can spawn in three unique areas in your game. We will detail all these locations below.


The visor is located on the ‘Bridge’ of the ship and can spawn in any of these three locations

  • Go up the stairs located on the right side and it found against the railing. This is outside in the open.
  • Go inside the Bridge area and find the corridors where it is located on a handrail. You will also see the door leading to the Upper Grand Staircase next to this. Blue Light coming in the corridor is the door.
  • The last possible spawn location is in the same area. Go ahead the blue light coming from the door and look in a small room located in the right side. It is sitting on a large wooden crate.


To find the Handles, head to the ‘First Class’ rooms near the starting area of the map. It can spawn in the following possible locations.

  • Check inside the laundry room. You will find it sitting in a wardrobe with some towels in it and a yellow basket near it.
  • Check the room ahead of the laundry. This is the room where Saug 9mm SMG is on the wall located on the outside. Check inside this room. It will be sitting on the of a small baby bed.
  • The last spawn location for the handles could be a wooden chair in yet another room next to the laundry. This is the room on which you will find the MOG 12.


The last part to collect is the shield itself which is present in the ‘Provisions’ section. Just like the previous two parts, the shield will spawn in one of these locations.

  • Drop down from the 3rd class rooms and turn around immediately. You will see the shield sitting on top of a wooden crate at the back.
  • Go the ICR-7 buy location outside the door leading to the engine room. The shield is sitting near a big stack of crates here.
  • Check the floor above the Provisions. You might find it sitting on a handrail in the stairway of the 3rd class Berths.

Now that you have all the required parts for building the Zombie Shield. Head to the workbench and build the shield.

Activate the Pack-a-Punch Machine

Another important task to complete is to unlock the Pack-a-Punch Machine so that you can upgrade your weapons. To activate this machine, you will need to get the Sentinel Artifact before as you must have complete access to the ship. Once the whole ship is open to you, you will need to find and activate 4 Pack-a-Punch Pedestals all found over the map.

We have detailed the locations of all four pedestals below so you can easily activate them. Check the map provided above for the checking out where these locations are in the ship.

  • First pedestal is located on the same deck, Poop Deck, as that of the Sentinel Artifact. Once the artifact is activated, you can go to the back and activate the pedestal.
  • Another pedestal is located in the Grand Staircase. Head to the lowest floor in the area to find it and activate it.
  • Another pedestal is located in the Cargo area of the ship. Since the area is flooded, you will need to drain it using a lever in the same area.
  • The last pedestal is found in the Turbine room. This is flooded as well but you can drain the area using a red lever. Activate the pedestal.

Once you have activated the final pedestal, it will transform into the Pack-a-Punk machine. You do not have to follow this exact sequence and keep in mind that the last pedestal you activate will always convert in the Pack-a-Punch machine. If you want the machine to appear at a desired pedestal, activate it in the end.

Getting The Kraken Wonder Weapon

Since Voyage of Despair is based on sea and some parts of the ship are also submerged, naming a Wonder Weapon after the mightiest creatures to ever exist in the ocean sounds fair to us. The Kraken is a Wonder Weapon and you can obtain it in the Voyage of Despair Map easily. Getting the weapon is not the only thing. You can also upgrade the weapon to make it even more deadly.

The first step is however to obtain the weapon. Obtaining the weapon is pretty straight forward and kind of luck based as well. Head to the mystery box and keep spinning it until you get The Kraken. This is a big shotgun-type weapon that will annihilate anything in front of it in a single shot. Once the magazine is empty, it will take a decent amount of time to reload so make sure that you use in an open space.

Now for the main event, once you have acquired this powerful weapon, it is time to upgrade it even further because more power is always less. To upgrade the weapon, you will have four elemental upgrades to choose from. To upgrade to any of these, you must first complete the required pre-requisites which could include killing a specific zombie type or collecting zombie body parts.

Before these elemental upgrades, you can head to a Pack-a-Punch machine and do some basic upgrades to it as well such as increase the base power and magazine size to 12. For elemental upgrades, simply go to the workbench and upgrade the Kraken to the desired version once you have all the required materials for the upgrade. We have detailed the upgrades below.

Purified Kraken

This is the ice version of the Kraken. Once upgraded to this version, its shots will immediately all zombies in its range. For this upgrade, you will need to find and kill ice zombies on the map. Once they are killed, collect their body parts. You will need 3000 points to upgrade to this ammo type.

Plasmatic Kraken

This is the fire version of the Kraken. Once upgraded to this version, its shots will immediately burn al zombies in its range. For this upgrade, you must find and kill fire wielding axe zombies. Kill them and collect their body parts. Once you have enough, go to the workbench, swap out the ammo type for 3000 points and raise hell for the zombies.

Easter Egg Guide

Once you have unlocked the Pack-a-Punch machine and Kraken Wonder Weapon, you can begin your Easter eggs hunt. We have detailed all of the Easter eggs here. Right after unlocking the Pack-a-Punch machine, four clocks on the ship will change their time. There are a total of six clocks on the map so you need to find the exact four of them which changed their time.

To check which clocks have changed their time, find the clocks located in the locations below and look for special symbols appearing near them. If a clock has symbols, it means that it has changed its time. If not, then it has not changed its time. You need to find four which have changed their time.

The clocks are located in the following locations.

  • Third Class Rooms – To find the clocks, take the stairs leading down to the Turbine room, turn right and look for it at the end. Symbol is found in the same room behind some luggage.
  • First Class Lounge – Head to the fireplace to find the clock while the symbol is located on the left side of the Mystery Box
  • Grand Staircase – Head to the very top to find the clock and the symbol is found above a door on the top of the staircase
  • Mailroom – Look to the right side of the door to find the clock while the symbol is under the stairs
  • Captain’s Bridge – Clock is located right above the ship wheel while the symbol is under a desk on the right side behind you while facing the wheel.
  • Kitchen/Galley – The clock is right next to the body hanged in the room while the symbol is located on a cabinet on the left side.

Once you have all four symbols, head back to Captain’s Bridge and the main wheel. You will notice four dials with symbols here. They will represent the clocks you just picked up. Here, you will need to align the time similar to the clocks with their respective symbols in their rooms.  Once all clocks are aligned with the symbol ones, you will hear a sound and the dials will not move any further.

This will enable you to see power outlets throughout the map. Out of all power outlets, four of them will be emitting a different element. Head to these four outlets and kill a similar Elemental Catalyst near them according to the one being emitted by them. The color of sparks will help you identify the correct Catalyst.

Once done, a symbol will appear on the ground where the Catalyst went down. The power outlets are located in the following locations.

  • State Rooms
  • Top of the Staircase
  • In a barricade on the Aft Decks
  • Third Class Accommodations
  • In the Dining Hall
  • Right Next to Zeus Statue

The sequence of eliminating the Catalysts must be Acid, Water, Electric and Fire. Once done, each player of the team must stand on a symbol and interact at the same time. This will teleport all players to an arena where they must kill all enemies to complete the trial. You will need to do this for all four symbols.

After completion of each challenge, pick up the artifact at the end which will lead you to getting the original one at the end. Once done, head down to the Turbine room and shoot the blue pipes with the Jormungandr’s Fang Poison upgrade of the Kraken. It will make the fires go away. Go to the Pack-a-Punch machine and place the artifact in it. This will cause it to show nine symbols on the map representing the solar system.

Find and interact with all nine symbols in any order that you like. The symbols are present in the following rooms. It is vital that you know the correct order of the solar system. We have listed the correct solar system order below for you reference.

  • Sun – Forecastle
  • Mercury – Mail Rooms
  • Venus – Millionaire Suite
  • Moon – Lower Grand Staircase
  • Mars – Boiler room
  • Jupiter – Engine Room
  • Saturn – Bridge
  • Uranus – State Room
  • Neptune – Aft Decks

Once done, head to the Cargo Hold where now a model of Solar System is present. The planets will start to flash in a special sequence. Learn this sequence and run outside and shoot the holograms of the planets appearing in the same order in which they are appearing in the sky. You need to be very quick here as at this point an infinite zombie wave will be unleashed as well.

Upon shooting a hologram, a blue orb will appear and fly to the planet’s original spawn location as explained above. Head to this location to pick it up quickly before it goes away. Before hitting the sun, however, make sure that all players are in the spawn location and all geared up. Get one player to shoot at the sun and then quickly dash to the orb. All players must interact with the orb at the same time.

This will cause a flash and the whole map will be covered in ice blocks. A timer will also appear at this point. Your team must now make its way to the other side of the ship by breaking the ice blocks coming in the way as quickly as possible. Breaking the final ice block will spawn a red symbol on the deck of the ship. All players must go to this symbol and interact with it to begin the final boss fight.

Final Boss Fight

Before the boss fight, you will spawn inside some water in front of a tree. Head towards the tree and have the complete team interact with it at the same time. This will teleport you back to ship and a giant iceberg will appear with the boss of the stage, a giant eye. Start shooting the eye. It will eventually land on the staircase behind you.

At this point, stop shooting at the eye and focus on the zombies instead. Shoot the zombies until the phase is clear and you are teleported to the Engine room. Here, the eye will appear in the doorways shooting a beam at you. Do not let the beam touch you as you will be killed instantly. Shoot the eye to damage it at this point.

Once enough damage is dealt, you will be teleported again to another location on the ship leading to the final phase of the battle. Eliminate the zombies and the eye will keep shooting its beam at you. Do not let the eye to fully charge it attack when it starts to cry mist. This is a one-hit kill attack and it will kill all players on the map.

Keep at it and the boss will eventually go down. This will show you the ending cutscene and the Easter Egg as well.

We are adding more to this guide so keep checking back for more content added to this guide.

This concludes our Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies Voyage of Despair Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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