Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Gear Guide – Weapons, Scorestreaks, Weapon Attachments, Operator Mods, WildCards

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Gear Guide

In this Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Gear Guide, we will guide you on all the different types of gear that you will be using in Multiplayer and while creating your custom classes for this mode. These include weapons, Scorestreaks, weapon attachment, operator mods and wildcards. All these are necessary gear options that you will be choosing while you are creating custom class in the Multiplayer mode.

We have curated this Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Gear Guide in which we have detailed all these different gear options, detailed their list and explained which are the best ones are to be used out of the bunch. This is your comprehensive guide to creating the best class in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Multiplayer.

Gear Guide – Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Multiplayer

Our Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Gear Guide details everything that you need to know about creating the best classes in the game. With this guide, you will easily pick the best weapons, attachments, mod operators, Scorestreaks and wildcards to build the ultimate class for your multiplayer games.


Wildcards are small tweaks for your class which allow you one last hoorah before you finalize your class. Although they appear small but their impact is huge so it is vital that you pick the best Wildcards present in the game suiting to your gameplay style. To equip wildcards, go to the Gear menu and choose one Wildcard for your current class.

We have detailed all Wildcards below.

Primary Gunfighter 1/2/3

This Wildcard allows you to unlock 1 additional attachment slot for your primary weapon. Upgraded versions increase the slots on your weapon.

Secondary Gunfighter 1/2/3

This Wildcard unlocks 1 additional attachment slot for your primary weapon. Upgrading it allows more slots to be unlocked on your weapon.


This Wildcard replaces your primary with any secondary which is not in use.


This Wildcard replaces your secondary with any primary which is not currently in use.

Primary Operator Mod

This Wildcard unlocks the Operator Mod slot for your primary weapon.

Secondary Operator Mod

This Wildcard unlocks the Operator Mod slot for you secondary weapon.

Greed 1/2/3

This Wildcard allows you to pick a second perk and increases with consecutive ones.

Gluttony 1/2/3

This Wildcard allows you to use all three perk slots and choose your preferred perks. Subsequent upgrades allow this number to be increased to 2 or 3.


As you rack up some kills in the game, your Scorestreaks will be charged and once fully charged, you can use them in the battle to gain a big advantage over the enemies. These range from UAV drones which show you enemy locations on the map to full-fledged Gunships which rain down hell on the opposition from the sky.

All Scorestreaks cost a certain amount of points. If you own the COMSEC Device, you will get a discount on all the Scorestreaks.

We have detailed all of them below.


It costs 500 points and with the COMSEC Device, it will cost 350 points. It will make the locations of the enemies on your map.


It costs 500 points and with the COMSEC Device, it will cost 400 points. Deploys the RC-XD RC Car drone which you can control to take out enemies.

Care Package

It costs 600 points and with the COMSEC Device, it will cost 500 points. Calls in a supply drop to your desired location. Enemies can also open it up so choose the location easily. Once opened, it will give you a random Scorestreak.

Counter UAV

It costs 650 points and with the COMSEC Device, it will cost 550 points. This disables the enemy UAV making it useless.

Hellstorm Missile

It costs 850 points and with the COMSEC Device, it will cost you 600 points. Deploys a Hellstorm Missile which can be controlled by the player to target any place on the map.

Lightning Strike

It costs 900 points and with the COMSEC Device, it will cost you 650 points. This Scorestreaks launches an airstrike on three chosen locations on the entire map.


It costs 950 points and with the COMSEC Device, it will cost you 700 points. Deploys the automatic Mantis drone on the map which takes down enemies.

Sentry Gun

It costs 1000 points and with the COMSEC Device, it will cost you 750 points. Deploys a Sentry Gun on the map which fires automatically on the enemies.

Attack Chopper

It costs 1150 points and with the COMSEC Device, it will cost you 900 points. Deploys an attack chopper on the map which circles around and takes out enemies.

Strike Team

It costs 1300 points and with the COMSEC Device, it will cost you 950 points. Deploys two friendly AI soldiers on the map which actively target enemy players.

Strafe Run

It costs 1500 points and with the COMSEC Device, it will cost you 1250 points. Calls in a strafe run which targets the marked area with machine gun and rockets.


It costs 1700 points and with the COMSEC Device, it will cost you 1450 points. Allows you to control a gunship circling the map and target the enemies on the map which can be seen easily with the thermal imaging.

Operator Mods

Operator Mods can be equipped to some of the weapons in Black Ops 4 multiplayer after choosing Wildcard for them first. To equip an Operator Mod, your weapon has to be at its maximum level and must have the option to equip the ‘Wildcards’. You can use ‘Primary Operator Mod’ or ‘Secondary Operator Mod’ to equip a Wildcard on your desired weapon.

Once done, you can now choose an Operator Mod for that respective weapon in the attachment menu. They will require two attachment slots but the bonuses and stat boost they offer are worth using them. The weapons that come with Operator Mods are unique to those weapons. It is not a switchable option. You simply need to enable or disable them using Wildcards.

We have detailed the Operator Mods below that are available in the game.

  • VAPR Assault Rifle – Bayonetta
  • Koshka Sniper Rifle – Speed Center
  • Strife Pistol – Tactical Knife
  • Mozu Pistol – Skull Splitter
  • Mod 12 Shotgun – Dragon Breath
  • Maddox RFB Assault Rifle – Firing Unit
  • AVR 223 Tactical Rifle – Burst Accelerator
  • Swordfish Tactical Rifle – Burst Count
  • Titan Tactical Rifle – Suppressive Barrell
  • AKS SMG – Longburst
  • Spitfire SMG – Wildfire
  • Auger DMR Tactical Rifle – Two Round Burst


The real show stoppers of this guide are the weapons. There are plenty of weapons in the game to choose from. There are assault rifles, SMGs, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, Tactical Rifles along with many options for secondary weapons. We have detailed all weapons below and the level at which they are unlocked.


This section of the guide lists all SMGs found in the game.

  • MX9 – Unlocked by Default
  • GKS – Unlocked at Level 13
  • Spitfire – Unlocked at Level 25
  • Cordite – Unlocked at Level 31
  • Saug 9mm – Unlocked at level 40


This section of the guide lists all LMGs found in the game.

  • Titan – Unlocked by default
  • Hades
  • VKM 750

Assault Rifles

This section of the guide lists all Assault Rifles found in the game.

  • ICR-7 – Unlocked by Default
  • KN-57 – Unlocked at Level 10
  • Rampart 17 – Unlocked at Level 22
  • Vapr-XKG – Unlocked at Level 28
  • Maddox RFB – Unlocked at Level 40

Tactical Rifles

This section of the guide lists all the Tactical Rifles found in the game.

  • Auger DMR – Unlocked at Level 6
  • ABR 223 – Unlocked at Level 19
  • Swordfish – Unlocked at Level 34

Sniper Rifles

This section of the guide lists all the Sniper Rifles found in the game.

  • Paladin HB50 – Unlocked by Default
  • Outlaw
  • SDM
  • Koshka – Unlocked at Level 16

Secondary Weapons

This section of the guide lists all the Secondary Weapons found in the game.

  • Strife (Pistol) – Unlocked by Default
  • RK7 Garrison (Burst Pistol)
  • Mozu (Revolver) – Unlocked at Level 25
  • MOG 12 (Shotgun) – Unlocked by Default
  • SG12 (Shotgun) – Unlocked at Level 34
  • Hellion Salvo (Rocker Launcher) – Unlocked by Default

Weapon Attachments

This section details all attachments that you can equip to your weapons in the game.


This section details all the optical attachments available for your weapons.

  • Reflex – Adds a red dot sight with 1.35x zoom
  • ELO – Adds a lens projected dot to aim at enemies
  • Red Dot Multi-Zoom – Simple magnification attachment
  • Tritium Sight – A very clear sight with added illumination
  • Thermal/NVIR – Shows enemies when you aim by tracking their heat signatures
  • Recon Force – Identifies enemies, detects enemies and proves 2.0x zoom
  • Iron Sights – Removes all magnification sights and allows Iron Sights use
  • Holographic – Give wide view with 2.0x zoom with a central reticule for precision

Basic Attachments

This section of the guide details all attachments which can be equipped to your weapon other than optics.

Attachment Name Tier 1 Boost Tier 2 Boost
Bandolier Allows you to carry two more rockets None
Choked Barrel None Increases Damage and Reduces Spread
Extended Mags (II) Allows you to carry more Ammo Further Increases Ammo Capacity
FMJ (II) Increases Bullet Penetration Further Increased Bullet Penetration
Fast Lock On Allows faster locking with rockets None
Fast Mags Allows you to reload faster Allows you to reload even faster
Grip (II) Reduces the recoil of the weapon Long shooting duration keeps the weapon steady
High Caliber (II) Headshots are more deadly Increases the increased damage region from head to shoulders and upper chest
High Explosive Your explosives deal more damage to enemies None
Laser Sight (II) Increases your accuracy when you fire from hip Further increases the accuracy and allows you to fire steadily even when moving
Long Barrel (II) Reduces bullet fall for snipers and increases damage Completely eliminates bullet fall for snipers no matter how far the weapon is fired
Quickdraw Allows you to aim much faster Further increases the aiming speed
Rapid Fire Increases the rate of fire of your weapon None
Stabilizer Reduces the weapon sway while aiming and holding the gun Allows you to hold your breath longer while using sniper rifles
Stock (II) Allows you to move quickly while aiming Further increases the speed and adds this bonus to other body stances as well such as prone and crouch

Best Amongst All

Among all these options, one has to know which of all these options is the best amongst all. It really depends on your own playstyle and everyone’s opinion will be different on this but we have listed the best out of all categories below. Try them out and if you do not like them, do not forget to share with us your own best options out of all these categories in the comments section below.

Weapons and Operator Mods

  • Titan LMG – Kills enemies in four shots and can be a quick one with the right attachments such as Quickdraw and Stock
  • MX9 – A Rapid fire, Advanced Mag and Stock makes the MX9 a deadly SMG. Excellent for close quarters and equally excellent at medium range combat.
  • ABR 233 – Choose Burst Accelerator Operator Mod on this weapon and pump bullets faster than light in your enemies in bursts.
  • Auger DMR – Equip this semi auto high power Tactical Rifle and choose to have the Two Round Burst Operator Mod on it. With this equipped, two well placed shots in your enemy will down them.


  • Long Barrel – If you love sniping then this is the must-have attachment for you. It eliminates long-range bullet drop completely.
  • High Caliber (III) – This is an excellent attachment to increase your damage. Land headshots after equipping this for confirmed kills.
  • Choked Barrel –  Increases the power of shotguns and reduces their spread.


  • Primary Operator Mod – This is a must for using all weapons that support Operator Mods.
  • Gluttony 1/2/3 – Choose any Perk and equip them to any of the three slots.
  • Primary Gunfighter – Allows an extra attachment on your primary weapon. Choose this with a weapon that has an Operator Mod option to make it absolutely deadly.

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This concludes our Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Gear Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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