Cadence of Hyrule Weapons Guide – Best Weapon in the Game, Weapon Infuse Upgrades

Cadence of Hyrule Weapons Guide

In this Cadence of Hyrule Weapons Guide, we will show you each weapon that you can find in the game, how the weapon works in combat and what Weapon Infuse or upgrades you can attach to a weapon. In addition, we will also detail where you can get the Weapon Infuse items. Finally, we will also detail the best weapon in the game that you can get.

There are many types of weapons that come with their own special abilities. Weapons can range from swords, and special swords made from gems. You also have flails, spears, and shields that you can use in the battle against the enemies.

Cadence of Hyrule Weapons Guide

Below we have listed all the weapons, with their effects and where you can find them, and what weapon infuse or upgrades you can get in the game. We will also detail the best weapon you can find in the game.

Cadence of Hyrule – Weapons

All the weapons and their locations are listed below:

Short Sword

This sword damages a single enemy, it is your basic sword that you can get early on in the game when you play as Link.


This weapon also deals 1 damage, but to 3 adjacent enemies straight ahead. It can be upgraded by infusing Titanium for 1 additional damage. You can find the Broadsword from the diamond store where you can purchase it from.


This weapon deals 1 damage, with a range of 2 and also prevents shield use. It can be found in the Kakariko Village Crypt that will be in the graveyard of the Kakariko Village.

Emerald Shortsword

This item deals 1 damage and will also deals poison damage to enemies that stays active for a short period. This weapon can be found in the Lost Woods Dungeon where it will be contained in a blue chest.

Ruby Shortsword

This weapon deals 1 damage, while also giving you a health boost by healing half a heart after you defeat 5 enemies. The Ruby Shortsword can be found in a random blue chest.


This is a legendary weapon that deals 2 damage to 3 adjacent enemies straight ahead, while also piercing any shields. This weapon can be found in the other world Hyrule Castle dungeon.


This weapon deals 1 damage to a single enemy in a wide range, while also moving you forward. This weapon can be purchased from the Diamond store in the Mountain area.

Hylian Flail

This weapon deals 2 damage and knockbacks enemies. It also deals the damage to a single enemy in a wide range, while moving you forward. This weapon can be found in the Other world Hyrule Castle Dungeon

Royal Rapier

This weapon is exclusive to Zelda only. And it deals 2 damage from 2 spaces away. It offers more damage and knockback to enemies. This weapon can be taken under the kings throne in Hyrule Castle puzzle.


This is a really powerful weapon in the game, and it offers 3 damage with 2 range and can be swung around. It can be unlocked after completing a series of puzzles that we will talk more about later in this guide. Since it is such a powerful weapon, it does need any upgrades, which is also why the game offers no upgrades anyway.


This weapon deals 1 damage to a single enemy and has 2 range. The Spear can be purchased from the Diamond Store.

Impas Naginata

This weapon offers 1 damage and has 2 range. It also poisons the enemy while healing you in return. The Impas Naginata heals half of a heart after you defeat 5 enemies. To get this weapon, you need to go to the Hyrule Castle dungeon.

Tower Shield

This shield can block wind and stronger attacks. You can get this shield inside the Death Mountain dungeon.

Kokiri Sword

This weapon can deals 4 damage to enemies straight ahead to enemies in front of you. This weapon is found in the Hyrule Dungeon.

Eli’s Greatshovel

This weapon deals 2 damage, while also digging in the process of the attack. To get this Greatshovel, you need to solve the Hyrule Castle puzzle. If you are struggling to solve the puzzle, read our Cadence of Hyrule Puzzles Guide.

Cadence of Hyrule – Weapons Infuse (Upgrades)

Weapons in the game can be upgraded to offer you more abilities or to boost their powers in strength or incurs some effect that can deal additional damage to enemies. Weapon upgrades in the game are based on infusing certain materials on your weapons that can then make them powerful.

To infuse, you need to go to Fairy Fountains, which are found randomly in the game. This is because the game map changes every time you begin an adventure in the game. However, the Fairy Fountains are always marked on the map and are indicated by the small fairy icon.

Each Fairy Fountain has two different fusions you can buy. Each Fusion can be traded or bought for Diamonds. You can only infuse one weapon with one Infuse. Attaching any other Infuse will remove the previous perk.

All the different Fusions are listed below:

  • Emerald: This Weapon Infuse drains the life from enemies after each attack
  • Titanium: This Weapon Infuse increases weapon damage by 1
  • Obsidian: This Weapon Infuse increases damage based on multiplier from beat score
  • Emerald: This Weapon Infuse deals poison damage with each attack with the weapon.

Best Weapon in Cadence of Hyrule

The best weapon in the game is the Caladbolg sword that offers 3 damage and has 2 range. It also prevents shield damage and you can swing it around. Since it is a very powerful weapon, it needs no Infuse or upgrades for any sort.

Having said that, there are a few requirements that you need to complete in order to get your own Caladbolg sword. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Complete all four dungeons which will give you all four magical instruments
  2. Use the magical instruments to remove the magical barrier preventing access to Hyrule Castle
  3. Finally, you need to get the Bow and Longshot

Once you complete the steps above, you will have the Caladbolg unlocked for yourself. It is really worth all the work as it is the most powerful weapon in the game.

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This concludes our Cadence of Hyrule Weapons Guide. Post your comments below.

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  1. For Cadence and Zelda, the Kokiri sword is called the Jeweled Dagger from the original Necrodancer game. It’s as strong as it is pretty.

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