Cadence of Hyrule Boss Battles Guide – All Bosses, How to Beat

Cadence of Hyrule Boss Battles Guide

In this Cadence of Hyrule Boss Battles Guide, we will guide you on how you can beat all the bosses in Cadence of Hyrule. No game is complete without boss fights and Cadence of Hyrule comes with its own amazing bosses that are surely going to give you a tough time. Each boss in the game will require a little bit of strategy because you kill them. None of the bosses are too challenging which means you can beat them all easily if you know how to defeat them.

We have curated this Cadence of Hyrule Boss Battles Guide in which we have detailed all the boss battles that you will come across in the game along with how you can beat them easily. We will share some handy tips and tricks that will surely help you avoid taking too much damage during boss fights and will ensure that you are on the offensive as well. So without further ado, let’s start with the guide.

Boss Battles Guide – Cadence of Hyrule

Our Cadence of Hyrule Boss Battles Guide will help you defeat all bosses in Cadence of Hyrule easily.


The first boss that you encounter in Cadence of Hyrule is Wizzroboe. This boss battle will vanish from the screen and spawn icy beings that will follow you around. These will not only damage you when you hit them but will also block your path towards the boss and will cover the arena in ice. The boss itself is easy to beat. Keep killing the icy beings and go hit the boss when he spawns in the map.

During certain instances, the boss will also summon some ice blocks from the air which will drop on top of you and damage you. The area where these ice blocks fall is marked on the map so you must quickly get out of the area to avoid the damage. When the boss is about to die, it will start hitting you with a brand new attack. The attack locations will be marked in white on the screen and purple energy will damage you.

At one time the boss will also summon some green wizards on the map which will send ice balls across the map while covering certain blocks in ice and making ice blocks fall from the air on you as well. Avoid all the ice blocks and bits moving here and there and kill the wizards while making sure to land some attacks on the boss as well. It will go down eventually. Killing the boss will give you Oboe.


Your next boss in Cadence in Hyrule is Gleeokenspiel which looks like a multi-headed dragon. This is a fairly straight forward boss battle. During the first phase of the battle, the dragon will stay at one place while its four heads will move around and shoot fireballs at you. You must avoid the fireballs and make sure to keep shooting arrows at it. Focus on one head at a time. When you see the heads charging up, it is about to unleash an area-wide electricity attack which cannot be missed unless you are in a single line where the attack is not landed.

Once enough damage has been dealt, the head will come off and will start moving around the arena shooting fireballs at you. Hit it again and it will die. You must do this for all four heads. Once the four heads are down, the body will start moving around and will come towards you to deal some damage. Keep hitting it and it will go down easily. You will get Glockenspiel for defeating this boss.


Gohmaracas is yet another boss that you will fight in Cadence of Hyrule. This boss looks like a hybrid of a Cyclops and a Spider. To damage it, you must fire arrows in its bog eye. It will shoot green gooey stuff at you which will damage you if you hit them. Apart from them, it will also shoot white web balls at you which must be avoided as well. Sometimes from the green eggs, babies will emerge as well.

You will need to kill the babies as well otherwise they will damage you and block your way as well. Also, the eye will shoot a powerful laser every now and then so you have to make sure that you are not in the range of this laser whenever it fires it. The most damaging attack by this boss is the laser so avoid it and you should be good to go. Also, dispatch all of the babies quickly or they will continue to increase in number.

There’s a small trick that if you can make the boss shoot its own eggs, they will be destroyed and no babies will spawn from them. You can use this little trick to your advantage. Kill the boss and you will obtain Maracus.

Bass Guitarmos Knights

This boss battle is a little tight squeeze because you will be trapped in a small arena with five giant Knights that love to play bass guitars. One is a lead bass guitarist who is in the middle and is red in color. The other four are blue and play support so you should start with the smaller, blue ones and then move to the red one. All of them have a similar attack pattern.

When you see white markers appear around one of the Knights, move away from these markers because they will land their attack on these blocks. Once the attack has landed, the ground will become dark for some time. Use this time to move in and land some attacks on the blue ones. Pick one and start bashing it until it dies.

The Knights will also move up and down and side to side so make sure that you are not crushed between the wall and the Knights. The Blue Knights die pretty easily so keep nabbing them with sword attacks. When a few are left, they will start jumping as well but the landing area is marked on the ground in white marker so get away from the area to avoid getting damaged.

Defeat all of them and you will get the Bass Guitar.


After defeating the four champions, you will be able to take on Octavo who is sadly going to take away all the four items and will use them against you in the battle. During the battle, Octavo will spawn multiple enemies on the stage but they can be killed easily. You have to look out for the purple sword attacks because they cover a few lanes and it is a little hard to avoid this attack. Octavo will also send fireballs your way so you will need to avoid them as well. You can say that the fight with Octavo will have bits of all the champion boss battles that you have completed previously.

During this battle, you will also need to use the two switches on the stage. Switching between both ranged and close combat weapons is an excellent idea for this battle. Octavo will come to the stage for a little time and will spend most of the time above so you will need to use arrows to hit him when he is on the stage because most of the time he will be sending fireballs at you when he is on the stage. Deal enough damage and you will trigger the cutscene ending the battle.


The final boss battle of Cadence of Hyrule is none other than Ganon himself. During this boss battle, Ganon will have a protective shield around itself which will not allow you to deal damage to the boss at this point. During the boss battle, certain enemies will spawn in the arena that will really mess up your game. Look for coffins in the corners from where enemies will spawn. Also, look out for the bats as they will slowly churn down your health with annoying hits.

Ganon himself will jump to different locations around the arena trying to squish you. After he has jumped and landed on the ground, the shield will go out temporarily giving you a window to land a quick attack on Ganon. Use this window and land and attack because you will not be able to attack Ganon with the shield on. Ganon will also land the purple energy similar to that of Wizzroboe if you get too close to him.

Right at the start of the battle, both Cadence and Zelda will be frozen by Ganon so make sure that you attack their ice blocks to free them and they will join you in the battle against the boss. Continue mowing down Ganon’s army and landing hits on the boss itself until he freezes Zelda and Cadence again.

Free them once more to get them back in the fight. The fight will continue for some time following the same tactics. Keep at it and the boss will go down eventually ending the game.

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This concludes our Cadence of Hyrule Boss Battles Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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