Brotato Upgrades Guide – All Upgrades, Best Upgrades

Brotato Upgrades Guide

Brotato gives you the ability to purchase different upgrades for yourself when you complete a wave. Based on the game’s rogue-like nature, you only get to choose one upgrade during this phase and if you are not happy with the options currently on offer, you can spend some coins to have it refreshed with new options as well. This Brotato Upgrades Guide lists all of the upgrades, their different tiers along with some of the best upgrades you can purchase in the game.

Upgrades Guide – Brotato

The upgrades in Brotato span over four tiers and after you purchase a basic upgrade, you can move on to its next tier at the end of the next wave. Again, the available options might be switched based on your run, but you can try to refresh the options to get what you really need in the game. The table below lists all of the upgrades that you will find in Brotato along with their four tiers of upgrades and their results.

Stat Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV
Armor Chest

+1 Armor

Chest II

+2 Armor

Chest III

+3 Armor

Chest IV

+4 Armor

Attack Speed Reflexes

+5 Attack Speed

Reflexes II

+10 Attack Speed

Reflexes III

+15 Attack Speed

Reflexes IV

+20 Attack Speed

Crit Chance Fingers

+3 Crit Chance

Fingers II

+5 Crit Chance

Fingers III

+7 Crit Chance

Fingers IV

+9 Crit Chance

Damage Triceps

+5 Damage

Triceps II

+8 Damage

Triceps III

+12 Damage

Triceps IV

+16 Damage

Dodge Back

+3 Dodge

Back II

+6 Dodge

Back III

+9 Dodge

Back IV

+12 Dodge

Elemental Damage Brain

+1 Elemental Damage

Brain II

+2 Elemental Damage

Brain III

+3 Elemental Damage

Brain IV

+4 Elemental Damage

Engineering Skull

+2 Engineering

Skull II

+3 Engineering

Skull III

+4 Engineering

Skull IV

+5 Engineering

Harvesting Hands

+5 Harvesting

Hands II

+8 Harvesting

Hands III

+10 Harvesting

Hands IV

+12 Harvesting

HP Regeneration Lungs

+2 HP Regeneration

Lungs II

+3 HP Regeneration

Lungs III

+4 HP Regeneration

Lungs IV

+5 HP Regeneration

Life Steal Teeth

+1 Life Steal

Teeth II

+2 Life Steal

Teeth III

+3 Life Steal

Teeth IV

+4 Life Steal

Luck Nose

+5 Luck

Nose II

+10 Luck

Nose III

+15 Luck

Nose IV

+20 Luck

Max HP Heart

+3 Max HP

Heart II

+6 Max HP

Heart III

+9 Max HP

Heart IV

+12 Max HP

Melee Damage Forearms

+2 Melee Damage

Forearms II

+4 Melee Damage

Forearms III

+6 Melee Damage

Forearms IV

+8 Melee Damage

Range Eyes

+15 Range

Eyes II

+30 Range

Eyes III

+45 Range

Eyes IV

+60 Range

Ranged Damage Shoulders

+1 Ranged Damage

Shoulders II

+2 Ranged Damage

Shoulders III

+3 Ranged Damage

Shoulders IV

+4 Ranged Damage

Speed Legs

+3 Speed

Legs II

+6 Speed

Legs III

+9 Speed

Legs IV

+12 Speed

These are all of the base stat upgrades that you can purchase in Brotato. Below, you will find some of the best upgrades that we like to focus on in our builds.

Brotato Upgrades Guide

Best Upgrades

This section of the guide lists the best upgrades that really make a difference in gameplay.

  • Life Steal – Life Steal allows you to steal back health from your enemies and the higher tier upgrade you have purchased; more health will come to you as part of this stat. If you take a lot of damage, consider upgrading Life Steal every time it appears to increase the amount of health you can steal back from your enemies.
  • Attack Speed – Certain weapons are rather slow in firing such as the shotgun and wand. Considering the fact that these are your starting weapons, you can always upgrade your Attack Speed stat which will allow you to increase your firing speed with these slow weapons. This stat also affects your melee weapons, so this upgrade is great for all weapons.
  • Luck – Luck affects the rarity of upgrades so the higher your Luck is, the rarer items, weapons, and upgrades you will get at the end of each wave. If you keep getting low rarity items, consider upgrading your luck and soon you will be finding some of the best items, weapons, and upgrades after every wave.
  • Crit Chance – Another ability that is great for taking care of enemies quickly. Enemies in Brotato tend to increase in numbers massively as you progress in waves so having a higher Crit Chance stat will ensure that you are cutting through your enemies quickly with critical hits. Consider upgrading it first.

That is all for this guide. Make sure that you check out our Brotato Beginner’s Guide and Items Guide if you are just starting the game.

This concludes our Brotato Upgrades Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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