Brotato Beginner’s Guide – Tips and Tricks to Dominate the Game

Brotato Beginner's Guide

Brotato is one of the best rogue-likes currently available in the market and with its recent arrival of Xbox Game Pass, the game has received a breath of fresh air. We have curated this Brotato Beginner’s Guide in which you will find some tips and tricks that will help you dominate the aliens in the game with ease. It does not matter if you are starting the game or are a Brotato-veteran, we are sure these tips and tricks will surely help you out.

Beginner’s Guide – Brotato

Read on below to read some important tips and tricks that will make you a Brotato champion in no time.

Do Not Be Afraid of Death

Brotato is an exceptionally good rogue-like game which means that there will be plenty of death. However, unlike most rogue-likes, Brotato is not designed to kill you instantly instead it gives you a fair amount of time to increase your weapon numbers and equip some cool upgrades and items before turning into a nightmare, so it is a much accessible rogue-like. Still, you should never be afraid of death in the game because you have nothing to lose. Of course, you will lose your collected weapons, items, and upgrades but that is about it. There is no story so there is no progression or boss fights to advance to the next areas here so when you are playing Brotato, give it your best and do not be afraid of dying because there is not much to lose here.

Choose Your Starting Potato Carefully

For each run, you can choose a potato at the start of the run. While they look different visually, they also offer a different gameplay style. Your actual gameplay style will be determined later as you purchase upgrades and items during different waves but your starting buffs and debuffs will be based on your starting potato. Spend a little time on this selection screen and thoroughly read the stats of all available shells. Once satisfied, you can pick the one that suits your gameplay style and then continue building on it with upgrades and items at the end of every wave.

Do Not Go After Collectibles and Focus on Killing Enemies

As your wave continues and you kill a lot of enemies, you will notice that the arena will start filling up with different green collectibles which are your in-game currency. However, you should never risk yourself and try to collect these because when the wave ends, all of the collectibles are automatically collected and added to your account. I learned this the hard way because in later waves, the enemies are massive in number and if you try to go after that one collectible that you forgot to pick before the timer ends, you may end up losing health or even dying. For this very reason, just focus on killing enemies because the leftover collectibles will be added to your account when the wave completes automatically.

Brotato is NOT a Twin-Stick Shooter

Contrary to what it looks like, Brotato is not a twin-stick shooter, and you only have to worry about moving around and avoiding enemies. Equipping six weapons gives your potato enough power to automatically shoot and kill enemies that come closest to you so don’t expect to use the right joystick to aim and shoot at enemies. Your only focus in the game is to equip the right items, and weapons and purchase upgrades to make yourself powerful enough to defeat the final boss. Simply keep moving around, avoid the enemies, and keep upgrading. Your potato will handle the shooting on its own.

Recycle Items That You Do Not Need

If you are happy with your current setup and do not want to change anything in it, you can do exactly that. If you find an item and do not want to equip it, simply choose the option of ‘Recycle’ instead of ‘Take’. This will recycle the item and give you an equivalent amount of coins that you can use in the shop later.

Fill Your Weapon Slots Quickly

Brotato is a unique rogue-like where you can equip six different weapons at the same time and all six of them will be used in combat. Since the potato fires on its own, you do not have to worry about managing anything about it as well. During the early phases, choose whatever weapon comes to equip in your weapon slots. There are six slots and there are plenty of different ranged and melee weapons that you can find and equip. Having a variety of weapons will ensure that you are dealing a large amount of damage in different ways all of the time.

Choose Between Ranged or Melee or Go Both

With six weapon slots, and plenty of cool weapons in the game, you can build a diverse character during your run. There are plenty of weapons like assault rifles, shotguns, SMGs, and even smaller ones like tasers and the same can be said about melee weapons as well. Depending on your mood, you can either go completely ranged if you like to keep your enemies at a distance or you can even go completely melee as well if you like to jump into the action and get some close-range kills. If you want both, you can equip three ranged weapons and three melee weapons to cause mayhem in a variety of ways. It all boils down to your play style or mood.

Upgrade Life Steal and HP Regeneration if You Are Dying A Lot

If you keep drying a lot, you should consider upgrading your Life Steal and HP Regeneration stats first along with your basic HP. Certain items will grant you an HP bonus, but you should first go for upgrades to both Life Steal and HP Regeneration skills. Life Steal will allow you to gain some health after every kill and HP Regeneration will regenerate your life continuously even if you do not kill any enemy which is a little hard to achieve since you are always mowing down enemies. These two should be your priority for upgrades if you are dying a lot in the game.

Brotato Beginner's Guide

Never Stick to the Same Build

There are thousands of potential builds in Brotato as you can aim for different stat upgrades, different items, and weapons so you should always explore different things. Went ranged in your previous run? Try melee this time around. Based on your weapons and gameplay style, you can pick items and stat upgrades that favor that particular gameplay style, and you will have a completely unique build when compared to your previous run. This is what makes the replayability of Brotato massive. There are tons of things to play around with so you should explore as much as you can before sticking to a single build.

Find and Shoot the Green Trees

The arena in which you will fight the different ways is not that big but still, certain areas will be off-screen always. Make sure that you are always looking out for the green trees because destroying them will not only give you health but also plenty of coins as well. Ensure you always find and destroy them for easy health and money.

Brotato Beginner's Guide

That is all for this guide. For additional help, check out the guides listed below:

This concludes our Brotato Beginner’s Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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