Broforce Launches Boxed Standard and Deluxe Editions for Nintendo Switch and PS4

Broforce Boxed Editions

Today marks an exhilarating milestone for fans of high-octane, side-scrolling action as Broforce, the internationally acclaimed run ‘n’ gun extravaganza, storms its way onto Nintendo Switch and PS4 in boxed Standard and Deluxe Editions.

Developed by Free Lives and published by Devolver Digital, these physical editions, distributed across European specialist retailers by U&I Entertainment, offer players an opportunity to dive into the adrenaline-fueled world of Broforce like never before.

Check out the Broforce physical edition launch below:

Available now at European specialist stores, both the Standard and Deluxe Editions of Broforce deliver a powerhouse gaming experience that’s sure to delight fans of all ages. The Standard Edition includes the full physical game alongside the Broforce Forever Update, all housed within a special artwork box.

For those craving even more action-packed content, the Deluxe Edition pulls out all the stops. Alongside the game and the Broforce Forever Update, players will receive an exclusive 24-page comic book that delves into the origins of Broforce, as well as the electrifying game soundtrack on CD, all packaged in a collectible Tuck-in Box.

Broforce Boxed Editions

In Broforce, players join the ranks of the Broforce – an under-funded yet overpowered paramilitary organization devoted to combating evil forces threatening global peace. With up to four players, gamers can unleash chaos and mayhem as a variety of different bros, each armed with their own unique weaponry and special attacks.

Key features of Broforce include:

  • The Broforce: Choose from dozens of bros, each with their own arsenal of weapons and special attacks, ready to liberate the world from tyranny.
  • Bro-Op & Deathmatch: Team up with friends in cooperative mode or go head-to-head in competitive multiplayer modes.
  • Explosion Run: Collaborate with other bros to tackle time attack levels amid exploding terrains and chaos.
  • Fully Destructible Everything: Strategically utilize destructible terrain and Exploding Red Barrels of Justice™ to your advantage.

Both the Standard and Deluxe Editions include the Broforce Forever Update, introducing new bros, enemies, challenges, and an expanded campaign.

Broforce Boxed Editions

The Broforce boxed Standard and Deluxe Editions are now available for PS4 and Nintendo Switch at European specialist retail stores, distributed by U&I Entertainment. Experience the ultimate in explosive action and join the ranks of the Broforce today!

Would you be adding the boxed edition of Broforce to your physical collection? Let us know in the comments section below.

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