How to Get Blood Remnants for Maximum Health in Redfall

How to Get Blood Remnants for Maximum Health in Redfall

Taking on the vicious vampires in Redfall will test your skill right from the start. But you can make things manageable by increasing your maximum health by getting Blood Remnants in the game. This guide will show you how to increase your health to the maximum by getting Blood Remnants in Redfall and how to use them.

Blood Remnants are very important when it comes to fighting tougher bosses in the late stages of the story. The higher the tier of a Blood Remnant like the Gold Tier, ensures that you have 500 more health, giving you a better chance against enemies that can otherwise take you out with a couple or more strikes.

Blood Remnants come in five different Tiers from high to low: Gold, Purple, Blue, Green, and Grey.

Grey is the lowest tier for Blood Remnants which gives you 50 health points, while Gold is the highest tier which gives 500 health points.

How to Get Blood Remnants for Maximum Health in Redfall

Getting Blood Remnants in Redfall isn’t the only way you can get max health as it can also be done by leveling up. However, Blood Remnants increases the health gained much faster than the 10 health obtained through leveling up.  This makes Blood Remnants the best way to increase your health and an item that you should be looking to get as much as possible.

However, Blood Remnants are not easy to obtain when you first begin your adventure in Redfall. To make up for this in the early stages, you should invest your skill points to unlock the Quick Recovery skill. This skill lets your health regen faster before you rely on Blood Remnants.

To get Blood Remnants, you need to fight Vampire Gods in Safehouse missions and then obtain them from the lost and found section inside the safehouse, as this usually gives a high amount of Blood Remnants. Another way of getting Blood Remnants is by beating a Rook when a Rook Storm is taking place.

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That’s how you can get Blood Remnants for Maximum Health in Redfall. Post your comments below.

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