How to Beat Bitores Mendez Boss in Resident Evil 4

How to Beat Bitores Mendez Boss in Resident Evil 4

Bitores Mendez is one of the main bosses that you will face in Resident Evil 4. And while Mendez makes his appearance known as you play the story, you will eventually have to engage in a boss fight and have to beat him to progress further. This guide will show you how to beat Mendez, what attacks it will use, how you should attack, and what is the best way to conclude the battle in your favor.

Before you step into the boss battle area, make sure you are prepared with the right gear and items to survive in the battle. The best weapon of choice in this boss fight is the Riot Gun, while also stocking up on ammo and healing items. Fortunately, you have the Merchant right before the area where you fight Mendez, allowing you to purchase all the necessary items that you will need in the fight.

How to Beat Bitores Mendez Boss in Resident Evil 4

The battle with Mendez happens in two phases, where the attacks and the scenario will slightly change as you progress to the second phase.

First Phase

The first phase is all about keeping your distance by staying on the top walkways in the building and attacking the eye on the back of the boss. This eye is the boss’ weak point and is the only way you can attack and progress to the second phase.

In the first phase, Mendez will have three different attacks that it will hit you with. But before you worry about the attacks, you should make sure that you stay up on the walkways to make things easier.

Moving on to the attacks, the first attack you need to worry about is where the boss will use its tail to swipe at you. This attack can be dodged by pressing the dodge button. The second attack is where Mendez will use its stingers to stab you a couple of times. You can parry this attack using knives. The last attack in the first phase is the whirlwind and is also a long attack that you have to look out for.

Your strategy in this battle is not only about avoiding attacks but to look for any openings where you can attack the boss’ weak point. In this case, it is the big eye on the back of Mendez that you can shoot at. Staying on top of the walkway and shooting at the eye is the best way to progress in the battle. This is because as soon as you attack the eye, Mendez will stagger for a while, and a button prompt will pop up which will allow Leon to leap at the staggered boss for a stab attack.

Second Phase

As you enter the second stage, the battle becomes all about looking out for new attacks and avoiding them at all cost. The battle area becomes tighter and is now fully engulfed in flames, while Mendez will have new attacks that he will now be using to hit you.

If Mendez is far away from you and close to the back wall, it will throw fiery spears and exploding barrels at you. The spears can be avoided by dodging in the other direction, but the barrels need to be shot at before they reach Leon. If you successfully shoot the barrel before Mendez throws them, the explosion will damage the boss. However, if you miss the chance of shooting the barrels, they are going to blow up and hurt Leon as it is an AoE attack.

When Mendez moves close to you, make sure that you are prepared to dodge all its attacks. The attacks include the lunge attack and quick stab strikes it will hit you with. Your move in this second stage is to use the Riot Gun to continuously deal damage to the boss, who will eventually die off.

As a reward for beating this boss, you can pick up the False Eye from Mendez’s body and sell it to make 12,000 Pesetas.

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That’s how you can beat Bitores Mendez boss in Resident Evil 4. Post your comments below.

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