Apogee Entertainment Unveils Below the Stone Update: Caves Awaken

Apogee Entertainment and developer Strollart have launched the latest Caves Awaken update for Below the Stone. Available now on PC via Steam Early Access and GOG, this update promises to take players on a thrilling journey into the depths of perilous caves filled with new challenges and rewards.

The centerpiece of the Caves Awaken update is the introduction of time-based turmoil within the game’s underground realms. As players venture deeper into the caves, they must keep a vigilant eye on the clock. Periodic Cavern events will now unleash waves of hellish enemies, adding a dynamic layer of urgency to every mining expedition.

Check out the Caves Awaken Part I trailer below:

Dwarven adventurers will encounter the menacing Shade monsters, whose spawn rate escalates the longer players remain underground. This escalation of danger amplifies the risk-and-reward dynamic, enticing players to balance their time spent mining with the looming threat of powerful adversaries.

New environmental hazards await miners in the form of Monster Closets and Boomstone traps. Monster Closets act as unexpected enemy spawn points, challenging players to adapt quickly to evolving threats. Meanwhile, Boomstone traps trigger directional explosions, forcing players to strategize their movements to avoid catastrophe.

To aid in navigation and exploration, the Mega-map feature has been introduced. This comprehensive map allows players to chart courses toward objectives and locate lucrative loot-filled caverns. Improved graphics, updated breakable objects, new NPCs, and gameplay modifiers further enhance the overall experience, ensuring that Below the Stone remains engaging and immersive.

Below the Stone Caves Awaken

While currently available on PC platforms, including Steam Early Access and GOG, Below the Stone is set to expand its reach later in 2025 with releases planned for PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series X|S. Players can look forward to embarking on this epic mining adventure across multiple gaming platforms in the near future.

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