BeardedBrothers.Games Unveils Free Demo of Be the Ruler on Steam

Be the Ruler Demo

BeardedBrothers.Games has announced the launch of a free demo for their strategy RPG game, Be the Ruler: Britannia, set to debut on Steam on May 3, 2024. Players worldwide are invited to delve into the demo and experience the intriguing fusion of strategy and role-playing in a medieval England backdrop.

Be the Ruler: Prologue unfolds within the historical tapestry of medieval England, placing players in the royal footsteps of Alfred the Great. Following the untimely demise of his brother, Alfred rises to power in challenging circumstances. This demo offers an initial glimpse into the game’s immersive narrative and strategic intricacies, offering approximately 20 minutes of gameplay.

Check out the Official Trailer below:

Fans can also get a sneak peek into the gameplay through the newly unveiled trailer, offering a tantalizing preview of the adventures that await in the full version.

In Be the Ruler: Prologue, players navigate the intricate political landscape of the era, shaping the destiny of Wessex through their decisions. The game seamlessly integrates strategic governance with intense warfare, tasking players with defending their realm against the formidable Great Heathen Army. The unique auto-battle system adds depth to combat scenarios, showcasing the importance of strategic planning.

Key Features of Be The Ruler Demo:

  • A unique blend of isometric RPGs and Grand Strategy Games, offering immersive gameplay without a steep learning curve.
  • The Ruler Engine ensures each playthrough is unique, with player decisions shaping short-term and long-term consequences, providing ongoing surprises.
  • Set in the early Middle Ages, blending historical events with fiction for an immersive historical experience.
  • The auto battler system in battles adds fun and accessibility, reminiscent of classic games like Centurion.
  • Featuring dioramas and a semi-realistic art style, offering a visually distinctive experience inspired by wooden toy aesthetics.

Be the Ruler Demo

For more information and to download the demo, visit the Be the Ruler Steam page and embark on your journey as a ruler in medieval England.

Would you be interested in trying out the free demo for Be the Ruler? Let us know in the comments section below.

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