Battlefield V Maps Guide – Best Strategy to Win On All Maps

Battlefield V Maps Guide

In this Battlefield V Maps Guide, we will guide you with all the best strategies to win in the maps. We will highlight some key points that you can use in as advantage on the battlefield. We will mention the strategies of each map individually. We will also recommend you certain classes that can be of strategic advantage in certain maps that can help you win the fight.

We have curated this Battlefield V Maps Guide in which we have detailed the information of maps geography and the best strategies to capture the objectives. We have also detailed few recommendations for you that will give you strategic advantage in the game on certain maps.

Battlefield V Maps Guide – Basic Information

Battlefield V features a total of eight maps available in base game to play. Most of the maps in the base game of Battlefield V are open in terms of environment and also support heavy vehicles. Few of them are Arras, Narvik, and Twisted Steel. There are also maps that are more focused on infantry action where vehicles are not suitable. Maps like Devastation and Fjell 652 are infantry based maps in Battlefield V base game.

We will mention here the best strategy that you, your squad should follow to achieve a higher ground in battlefield combat. Our strategies are not same, they vary on each map. Be sure to read all of the strategies that can help you win a match in the game.

Battlefield V Maps Guide – Rotterdam Map Strategy

Rotterdam map is big map and it is very much open in terms of environment. It includes vehicles and infantry focused gameplay. There is a point at French White House to the north side. The point can be a solid ground once it is captured. The point can be used to stand your ground or fall back on and defend.

You should avoid running on bridges as they are pretty much exposed to everything. Snipers or mid ranged weapons will kill you from a distance if they spot you running on bridges. Also, there is almost no space to cover behind on bridges. Instead, you can use alleys to get ahead of your enemies.

If you want to run around the map from one end to the other, then use the train tracks. Rotterdam map features train tracks above the map which can be used for easy kills and running from one point to the other. You can score some decent kills if you are on train tracks and using a mid range weapon.

As we mentioned that Rotterdam map is wide open in terms of environment, it is also home to snipers. Snipers will simply camp at a higher ground and will spot enemies running around in the open, making them an easy kill and score point.

Battlefield V Maps Guide – Devastation Map Strategy

Devastation map is basically a bombed and devastated version of Roterdam map. The map has a big church in the middle and that is center of attention in Devastation map.

While playing in Devastation map, you should avoid moving forward through main doors of church. You should instead push down the streets to advance in the battlefield.

Two classes will be highly helpful in Devastation map: Medic and Support class. If you are using medic class, you should focus on running around and reviving fallen heroes and leave the fighting to snipers and assault class. Also, if you are playing as support player in the game, throw ammo pouches and refill ammunition for other, you and your team will need to defend the objective.

Battlefield V Maps Guide – Arras Map Strategy

Arras map is another big arena in Battlefield V. Arras is situated at French fields. The Northern part of map has buildings, while the other three sides of the map is open for assault.

Since Arras is a big map, you will need to capture points quickly and secure your win. For that, we will suggest you to use the transport vehicles as much as you can.

Capturing point E will give your strategical advantage in battlefield of Arras map. Once captured you will have upper hand to counter attacks against the point and defend it easily.

If you go on to capture point B, you need to avoid pushing forward along southern road. The best approach will be to start the assault from river flow.

Battlefield V Maps Guide – Hamada Map Strategy

Most of the Hamada objective points have gun emplacements around them. Once the objective is captured you can defend easily using gun emplacements.

Since there are gun emplacements around objective points, avoid using planes. Instead, you should use transport vehicles and move from one point to other with your squad.

Hamada is an open environment map with all of its points open for air attack or rocket strikes. If you are playing as squad leader, the rocket strikes can be pretty destructive.

If you want to win easily in Hamada map, you should focus on capturing and defending the land section of the map. Avoid making effort for other three points, they are cut off by a bridge and it is difficult to advance and capture them.

Battlefield V Maps Guide – Aerodrome Map Strategy

The hardest point in Aerodrome map is the hangar. Any team that captures it first will have an upper hand in defending the point and the opposite team will find it hard to break through.

If you could not capture the hangar point, another strategy will be to start capturing points from either side and then push inwards for hangar.

Use transport vehicles in Aerodrome map to move from point to points with your squad.

Snipers can be used for strategical advantage to trap enemies within the hangar.

Battlefield V Maps Guide – Narvik Map Strategy

Narvik map in Battlefield V is divided into two fronts. The Northern section of Narvik is at the top of the hill, while its Southern portion is at the bottom of the hill. Strategically, if you capture first the Northern section of Narvik hills, you can attack and defend much easily as the upside of the hill present strategic advantage. We will highly suggest you to focus first on capturing the Northern section of the map.

Snipers can land great number of kills if they are at the Northern points in Narvik map. Consider using Recon class in Narvik map if you like to kill from a distance.

In Narvik map, most of the fights takes places between the Northern and Southern points. You can use this to your strategical advantage. You can squad up and sneak around the Northern border of the map for surprise attack on points A and E.

Battlefield V Maps Guide – Fjell 652 Map Strategy

Fjell 652 is a very unique map in Battlefield V. All of the map is situated on top of a mountain peak. Things get very much chaotic instantly on almost every objective point.

Planes will come in handy in Fjell 652. You can score decent number of kills using planes. Also, if you are not on a plane, then avoid trying to shot down enemy planes with cannons. The map is sky high and there is never enough time window to shot down a plane.

Fjell 652 is good for Assault Class, Medic Class and Support Class. We will not recommend you to play with Recon Class on Fjell 652. That is because to win on Fjell 652, you need to hit hard and fast. Once you have captured an objective, advance onto other one. Do not stop into one area for too long. This is where you will need to play with all three classes except Recon Class.

Strategically, if two squads from your team capture the sides of the mountain, the enemy team will be left to spawn in the middle and you can land decent number of kills easily then.

Battlefield V Maps Guide – Twisted Steel Map Strategy

Twisted Steel map features a destroyed steel bridge in the middle of the map. The map is one of the biggest map in Battlefield V. All the points in the map are open for air strikes or plane attacks.

Since there are no cover points on objectives of Twisted Steel, Squad Leader’s rocket strikes can hit a decent number of kills.

Since the map is one of the biggest in Battlefield V, smart usage of armor vehicles to get your team from one point to other is highly suggested.

Medic Class should be selected in every squad. Medics can be helpful in close quarters on the steel bridge. Medics can help your team to win in Twisted Steel.

We do not recommend to focus all your attention on giant steel bridge in the middle. You will be targeted easily from sides. Snipers can use this to advantage, they can target easily the enemies running on the bridges.

We will recommend you to capture the North or South side objective first and then advance your attack instead of focusing all attention on the bridge.

This concludes our Battlefield V Maps Guide. Be sure to check out our Battlefield V Best Weapons GuideBattlefield V Beginners guide and Battlefield V Company Coins guide and Battlefield V Trophy/achievements guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.





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