Battlefield V Best Weapons Guide – Best Guns in Each Class

Battlefield V Weapons Guide

In this Battlefield V Best Weapons Guide, we will guide you with all the best weapons in each class. We will also guide you which weapon you should go with that will actually suit your play style in Battlefield V combat.

We have curated this Battlefield V Best Weapons Guide in which we have listed all the best weapons to choose from in the game and detailed what weapon to go for based on your combat style in the game.

We will also highlight how each class should be played which changes its weapon categories. Each class has certain traits that Battlefield V has set and it drastically affects the attack or defense weapons and play style in the game.

Battlefield V Best Weapons Guide – Best Assault Class Guns

Battlefield V Best Weapons Guide

In Battlefield V, things heat up quickly and often, if your play style is to rush and nail down any enemy soldier on sight, than Assault class is for you. Assault class guns are mostly designed for close and mid-ranged combats. There are weapons for Assault class with variable firing modes. Each weapon has its fair share of pros and cons when it comes to firing mode. We will break it down for you the best Assault class guns.

  • StG 44 – The first and best Assault rife you should look for is StG 44. The rifle packs good accuracy if fired from hip fire and it makes mid range combat a sweet deal. While the damage is not that much high comparatively to other Assault rifles in the game. However, the high accuracy of the gun makes it a real king in close quarters. You can use the weapon for medium range combat after pairing it with medium scope. Those who like to rush in the game will love StG 44 for sure.
  • Turner SMLE – The gun is best in Assault class only if you have patience. The gun is not suitable for close combat engagements. However, it destroys enemies at medium ranges. It is due to its very high accuracy that counters the bullet drops and hits straight away at enemies.

Battlefield V Best Weapons Guide – Best Medic Class Guns

Battlefield V Best Weapons Guide

Medic Class focuses heavily on supporting your team mates and running with Assault and Support heroes. Your most brutal guns will be the ones with higher rate of fire. Medics are supposed to aid team mates in combat when they are down by providing suppressive fire and that requires high rate of fire weapons.

  • Suomi KP/-31 – This is the only weapon we will recommend you to select if you want to run with a Medic class. The weapon is best when it comes to close quarters. It has very high rate of fire and if you fire fast in one versus one combat, you will be the one who gets the kill. The high rate of fire is good for squad suppression also. At any time if your team mates are down you can use the weapon for squad suppression and keep enemy at bay.

Battlefield V Best Weapons Guide – Best Support Class Guns

Battlefield V Weapons Guide

Support class heroes are more focused to provide ammo pouches to team mates. For this, they are required a higher amount of mobility in Battlefield V. They are also required to provide suppressive fire in time of need when securing or defending an objective as ammo count almost becomes infinite with support class heroes. If you are the one who likes to provide ammunition to your team mates, or provide an extra suppressive fire for your squad, then Support class is your type. We will mention here the best weapons that you should go with while running a Support class hero.

  • M30 Drilling – The M30 Drilling is a fantastic shotgun for Support class in Battlefield V. The shotgun wrecks havoc in close quarter combat. If you are required a continuous mobility so as to keep resupplying your team mates than M30 Drilling should be your weapon of choice. The weapon makes one shot kill at close quarters and can also be used for ranged targeting. M30 Drilling should be the best option to run with when you are in hurry of resupplying your team mates.
  • Bren Gun – If you love LMGs for no particular reason in Support class, then Bren Gun is the best weapon to get in Support class. It has high accuracy, also it has feature to switch towards single shot mode which in turn can be used over longer distances to land your bullets. The weapon is best while securing or defending an objective as the it picks up stability the longer it continues firing. The weapon is also good at providing suppressive fire when your team is trying to take an objective. This LMG is not useful in close quarters, so avoid taking it for that purpose.

Battlefield V Best Weapons Guide – Best Recon Class Guns

Battlefield V Best Weapons Guide

A sniper is a test of patience play and holding down your breath for right time to make a kill. If you are one who does not like close quarter and mid range combat and totally hate dying instantly after every re-spawn, then Recon class is for you. A Sniper in Battlefield V can get tons of kills without revealing his or her location on the map. If you like this kind of play style then we have just the right weapon to suggest you.

  • Kar98K – The weapon is a pure showstopper in Recon class weapons. The weapon has the slowest fire rate in Battlefield V but at the same time it is the highest damaging weapon in the game. If you pair Kar98K with Long Range Bullet upgrade, then this sniper rifle becomes a total beast in Recon Class. With this upgrade, there will be reduced bullet drop and increase in accuracy that will ensure you a successful hit on your mark with each shot.

This concludes our Battlefield V Weapons Guide. Be sure to check out our Battlefield V Beginners guide and Battlefield V Company Coins guide and Battlefield V Trophy/achievements guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.



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