ASUS’s Internal Test Leaks Nvidia CMP 40HX Mining Performance and Price

Nvidia CMP 40HX Mining

The mining performance of ASUS’s NVIDIA CMP 40HX graphic card has leaked out online. The mining performance of the ASUS CMP 40HX was leaked by Videocardz. The CMP 40HX graphics card from ASUS will offer up to 43.77 MH/s, up from 36 MH/s officially announced by NVIDIA.

Videocardz received a photo from internal testing of the upcoming CMP 40HX graphics card from ASUS. The same source has previously provided the photos of the ASUS CMP 30HX graphics card. The CMP 40HX was supposed to launch in the first quarter of 2021, but as with many NVIDIA launches, it has been pushed back and is currently being tested in-house by NVIDIA partners.

Coming to the specifications, the NVIDIA CMP 40HX is based on the Turing TU106-100 GPU and the PG161 board and it features 8GB of GDDR6 memory. It has a default TDP of 185W.  Judging from the screenshot during internal testing the power of CMP 40HX cards has been reduced to just 135W. This has greatly improving mining efficiency to nearly 400 KH/W.

Nvidia CMP 40HX Mining

In the screenshot, a cluster of 8 ASUS CMP 40HX can be spotted mining Ethereum. The best performing card has a hash rate of 43.77 MH/s, and the average hash rate between the 8 cards is 43.5275 MH/s. This indicates a 21% improvement in hash rate over NVIDIA’s advertised hash rate of 36 MH/s.

The large increase in performance over the specs shared by NVIDIA is likely due to the combination of memory clock speed increase and power optimization.

The pricing for the ASUS CMP 40HX is expected to be $699, while the price for the ASUS CMP 30HX has been revised and now is $599 down from the original $799. The release date for 40 HX is not known currently so we will have to wait for more information regarding this.


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