ASUS ROG Ryujin II AIO CPU Cooler Features 3.5′ LCD Display, Noctua Fans


ASUS has finally launched the ROG Ryujin II AIO CPU cooler after it was first unveiled back in January. This is ASUS’s updated version of the ROG Ryuo AIO which was the first AIO from ASUS to feature a display with the LiveDash OLED display.

Compared to the Ryuo, the Ryujin II features a 3.5-inch LCD display which is almost twice as large as the 1.77-inch display on the Ryuo. The ASUS ROG Ryujin II AIO CPU cooler features the Seventh Gen Asetek pump which runs quietly and has a base operating speed of 840 RPM.

The Ryujin II comes in two radiator options, the 240mm and 360mm radiator. The cooler comes with high-quality all-black Noctua NF-F12 fans to provide high airflow. The tubing connecting the radiator to the pump head is reinforced to last a long time.


Joe Hsieh, the Chief Operating Officer at ASUS said the following about the ROG Ryujin II AIO Cooler.

When developing the next generation of our premium Ryujin coolers, we again looked to Asetek and its most advanced technology to date which provides extreme performance, silent operation and industry-recognized quality and reliability. With ROG Ryujin II 240/360, not only did we want to max out performance, we wanted to enhance aesthetics while upgrading the screen to an LCD panel and retaining the FanXpert controls.

The highlighting feature of the ASUS ROG Ryujin II is the 3.5-inch LCD Display. It allows you to display real-time system stats or personalized animations or images. The pump head features a fan below the display to provide additional cooling to the VRM and AIO area.

The Ryujin II is a premium AIO offering that comes in 240mm and 360mm sizes. It combines great performance with excellent aesthetics. It is at the top of the ASUS AIO lineup so expect it to cost quite a bit.

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