ASUS Unable to Provide Resizable BAR Support on Z390, Z370 Motherboards

ASUS Resizable BAR Z390

ASUS has still not provided Resizable BAR support to its Z390 and Z370 motherboards. ASUS is lagging behind other major manufacturers who have already been releasing beta BIOS which brings the Resizable BAR on their older Intel 300-series motherboards.

ASUS is lacking severely behind other manufacturers when it comes to offering support on its older generation of motherboards. Each major manufacturer except ASUS has been releasing beta BIOS which adds in support for Resizable BAR. BIOS updates for the Z390 and Z370 lineup of motherboards were released by MSI, ASRock & Gigabyte but ASUS is yet to follow suit.

A user posted a reply to his query from an ASUS customer feedback representative which stated that they do not plan to release any further BIOS updates for their Z370 line of motherboards as they have already reached end-of-life.

According to ASUS, its Z370 motherboards are at end of life but t the difference here is that the other brands still offered support for their older products to support new features whereas ASUS has no plans to provide any type of updates.

ASUS Resizable BAR Z390

Both AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards support Resizable BAR technology on chipsets that have the feature enabled. For now, Intel’s 500/400-series and AMD’s 500/400 series are officially titled for Resizable BAR support but as stated above, board makers are offering BETA BIOS for the older Intel 300-series motherboard as well.

Many frustrated users have been posting their disappointment over the lack of support from ASUS on its products on various online forums.

Quite bizarre, I have a Gigabyte Z390 motherboard and have had Resizable BAR support for some months now. I used to be an all-out Asus guy, but in recent years I have moved away from their brand. I’m finding that Gigabyte are generally offering more for similar Asus money on such periperals. – Zayd (

Using a 3080 with a asus rog maximus xi and have been checking this tread every single day or any news regarding Bar support. Been loyal to Asus for over 10 years and whether we hear back from them or not, I’m moving on from Asus. This is very frustrating and disappointing loosing out on free performance, especially gaming in 4k. id_mew (ROG Forums)

Resizable Bar is a virtual tunnel that is generated between the graphics card and the processor. This allows the processor to access the VRAM memory directly and conveniently.

Using Resizable BAR, all Tasks performed by the processor are stored in the VRAM. The processor loads the data into the VRAM and tells you where this data is. So, the GPU has them accessible at all times when it needs them. Therefore, we eliminate the latency generated by asking the processor for the calculation, to look for it in RAM, and to deliver it to the GPU.

We will have to wait and see if ASUS provides any kind of response to this.

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