ARK Survival: Ascended Resources Guide – How to Get Wood, Metal Ingots, Obsidian, More

Resources are crucial in ARK Survival: Ascended because you will need them to craft different items that are required for your survival. Everything that you create or craft in ARK Survival: Ascended requires resources whether it is your base, items, weapons, or even advanced resources. Most of the advanced resources such as Metal Ingots in the game will need basic resources so you must know where you can find them in the game easily. Below, we have listed all of the resources that you can collect in ARK Survival: Ascended and how you can craft the advanced ones. Our ARK Survival: Ascended Resources Guide details where and how you can obtain all of the resources in ARK Survival: Ascended.

Resources Guide – ARK Survival: Ascended

While most of the resources can be collected in the wild, some of the advanced resources will need to be produced after collecting some raw resources for them.


Thatch is one of the most common and low-tier resources that you can collect in the game. You do not even need a simple tool for it. Simply find a tree and start punching it which will give you Thatch. You will need it for the initial crafting of the shelter and some starting tools.

Metal Ingots

One of the most important resources that you will need for a lot of your advanced crafting needs is Metal Ingots. As important as they are, you cannot just waltz around and pick them up. You will first need to collect raw materials and then create Metal Ingots yourself. First, make sure that you have a Stone Pick and use it on rocks or Metal Veins to collect raw metal. Metal Veins are easily found in The Grand Hills while normal rocks are found randomly all over the map. Try to find a base spot near The Grand Hills as it will make it really easy for you to collect different advanced resources. Try going to coordinates Latitude 36.6 and Longitude 32.3 to find them.

Once you have acquired raw metal in your collection, head back to your base and use the Refining Forge to smelt down the raw metal and create Metal Ingots. Metal Ingots is an advanced resource so make sure that you have everything you need including the Refining Forge and for smelting, you must have enough fuel to turn on the Refining Forge as well. Once it is created, you can forge many other advanced resources as well apart from just Metal Ingots.


Hides is yet another resource that will take some time to collect because it is obtained from the bodies of any dead creature or dinosaurs that you kill in the game. It can be easy or hard depending on what type of animal you are up against. Explore around the map, kill any dinosaur or creature you come across and once it is dead, use an Axe to collect more Hides.


Wood is obtained from trees only if you have a hatchet or an axe. This is one of the most basic resources in ARK Survival: Ascended and you can easily collect it from trees which are abundant in the game. Make sure to use a hatchet or an axe.


You can collect Flint from rocks which are also scattered all around the map. Simply find a rock, equip a pick and you will get more Flint from that rock.


Similar to Flint, stone is also obtained from rocks which are easily available all around the map. For stone, equip either an axe or a hatchet and you will get more stone.

Raw Meat

Raw Meat is also obtained from killing animals, creatures, and dinosaurs. Simply kill anything that is living in front of you and then equip a pick to collect more Raw Meat from the dead body.


To obtain Fiber, unequip everything in your hands and find a bush or any sort of foliage that might be around you. Simply go there and start pressing E while moving around which will allow you to collect Fiber from the bushes or any sort of other plantation around you.


Similar to Fiber, Berries are also collected from bushes and random foliage. Make sure that you have not equipped anything, and that your hands are free. Find a bush and start pressing E. You will randomly collect Berries and Fiber in this way.


Another advanced resource, Obsidian can be obtained directly from black obsidian stones in hilly areas. You will also need a Metal Pick to obtain Obsidian as a Stone Pick will not work. Once you have your Metal Pick, simply head over to The Grand Hills and you will find plenty of Obsidian rocks there. They are black with a yellowish glow over them. Simply use your Metal Pick on these Obsidian rocks and you will start collecting Obsidian in your inventory. If you are having trouble finding some Obsidian rocks, head over to the coordinates Latitude 36.6 and Longitude 32.3 and you will find plenty.


You can obtain Polymer in two ways. You can either craft it yourself or you can find it in the wild as well. If you want to find it in the wild, find some penguins and kill them. Use a hatchet to obtain Organic Polymer from them but you have to be speedy with its use because Organic Polymer will go bad in just 30 minutes. You can also obtain organic Polymer from snails and Mantis so find whatever animal species is easier for you and obtain organic Polymer from them.

For crafting, you will need to do a little bit of homework first. Polymer can be crafted using a Fabricator and you will need Level 48 Engram and the Polymer Engram. After that, you will need 2 Cementing Paste and 2 Obsidian. Once you have everything you need, simply head to a Fabricator and you can craft Polymer.

Cementing Paste

You can either craft the Cementing Paste yourself or find it out in the wild. For crafting the Cementing Paste, you will need to head over to a Mortar & Pestal. It requires 4 Chitin/Keratin and 8 Stone along with level 13 Engram. If you want to find it in the wild, head over to any Beaver Dam and steal it from there. However, once you start damaging the dam, the beavers will start attacking you so make sure that you go there prepared.


You must craft Electronics at the Fabricator. You will need 3 Silica Pearls and 1 Metal Ingot for it. Once you have the required resources, simply head over to a Fabricator and craft whatever number of Electronics you need.

Silica Pearls

Silica Pearls are found in the Ocean and deep water bodies. Check for them near the bed of these deep water bodies and you will find them. You can collect them without using any tool


Pelt is useful if you travel to snowy areas a lot and it will keep you warm and safe in these unforgiving environments. For collecting Pelt, however, you will need to head over to Whitesky Peak at coordinates Latitude 27.9 and Longitude 13.1 where you can find some wooly animals to kill. You have two options wooly Rhinoceros or the wooly mammoth. Both of them are not that easy to hunt however once you take them down, you can use an Axe to get Pelt from their bodies.

That is all for this guide. If you need additional help with ARK Survival: Ascended, check out the guides linked below:

This concludes our ARK Survival: Ascended Resources Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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