ARK Survival: Ascended Engrams Guide – All Engrams, Best Engrams to Unlock First

ARK Survival: Ascended Engrams Guide

In ARK Survival: Ascended, Engrams are crafting recipes to help you craft new gear for yourself and your base. As you play more and more, you will need to unlock new Engrams to craft better gear, have a better base, and be well-equipped to tackle tougher areas in the game. There are 100 Tiers of these Engrams which can be unlocked in the game however we have shared below some of the best ones on which you can focus first and unlock them to make the game easier for yourself during the early hours. This ARK Survival: Ascended Engrams Guide lists all Engrams in the game and also the best ones you should unlock first.

Engrams Guide – ARK Survival: Ascended

Before we dive deep into the Engrams list, we must first learn how these Engrams work and what exactly they are. Finally, in the final section of this guide, we have detailed some of the best Engrams you can unlock first in Ark Survival: Ascended.

What are Engrams in ARK Survival: Ascended

Engrams are basically crafting recipes in ARK Survival: Ascended however you do not have to explore the whole world to unlock them. All of the Engrams are already present in the Engrams tab, and you only have to unlock them to access their recipe in the game and be able to craft the item yourself. Each of the Engrams has a particular level attached to them and you will need to reach that level first before you can unlock that engram.

ARK Survival: Ascended Engrams Guide

All Engrams in ARK Survival: Ascended

The table below lists all of the Engrams that you can find in ARK Survival: Ascended and their tiers.

Tier Engrams
Tier 1 Note
Stone Pick
Tier 2 Campfire
Stone Hatchet
Tier 3 Cloth Pants
Cloth Shirt
Cloth Gloves
Cloth Boots
Cloth Hat
Tier 4 Thatch
Sleeping Bag
Thatch Ceiling
Thatch Wall & Doorway
Thatch Doors & Window
Storage Box
Tier 5 Wood Sign & Wall Sign
Phioma Saddle
Thatch Sloped Wall
Tatch Roof & Stairs
Tier 6 Mortar and Pestle
Blood Extraction Syringe
Tier 7 Simple Bed
Standing Torch
Tier 8 Wooden Club
Single & Multi-Panel Lag
Cooking Pot
Tier 9 Paintbrush
Parasaur Saddle
Training Dummy
Tier 10 Small Crop Plot
Stone Arrow
Carbonemys Saddle
Tier 11 Stimulant
Wood Foundation
Wood Wall
Doorways & Window Frame
Wood Ceiling & Hatch Frame
Wood Doors & Windows
Wood Fence Foundation & Support
Wood Quarter & Triangle Ceiling
Wood Triangle Foundation
Tier 12 Wooden Shield
Wood Cage
Wood Sloped Wall
Wood Pillar
Wood Roof, Ramp & Stairs
Tier 13 Cementing Paste
Ichthyosaurus Saddle
Wood Spike Wall
Wood Ladder
Tier 14 Wood Quarter Wall & Railing
Pachy Saddle
Wood Triangle Roof & Corner
Tier 15 Gunpowder
Flare Gun
Hide Pants
Hide Shirt
Compost Bin
Hide Gloves
Hide Boot
Hide Hat
Wood Large Wall
Tier 16 Gravestone
Rope Ladder
Large Storage Box & Bookshelf
Wooden Raft
Bug Repellant
Trike Saddle
Tier 17 Stone Water Intake
Stone Water Tap
Water Tank
Tier 18 Raptor Saddle
Wood Gateway
Wood Gate
Feeding Trough
Lesser Antidote
Fishing Rod
Preserving Bin
Tier 19 Wood Chair
Wood Bench
Wood Table
Wood Billboard
Hyaenodon Meatpack
Tier 20 Refining Forge
Metal Pick
Metal Hatchet
Equus Saddle
Tier 21 Painting Canvas
Tranq Arrow
Wall Torch
Tier 22 Parachute
Trophy Wall-Mount
Tripwire Alarm Trap
Pulmonoscorpius Saddle
Tier 23 Fur Boots
Fur Gauntlets
Fur Cap
Fur Leggings
Fur Chestpiece
Procoptodon Saddle
Tier 24 Stone Wall, Doorways & Windowframe
Stone Foundation
Stone Ceiling & Hatchframe
Stone Reinforced doors & Windows
Smoke Grenade
Stone Roof, Ramp & Stairs
Stone Triangle
Stone Ladder
Stone Quarter * Triangle Ceiling
Tier 25 Stone Fence Foundation & Support
Artifact Pedestal
Magnifying Glass
Stone Pillar
Wood Behemoth Gate
Wood Behemoth Gateway
Tier 26 Medium Crop Plot
Water Jar
Stego Saddle
Tier 27 Stone Sloped Wall
Stone Gateway
Stone Reinforced Gate
Pachyrhinosaurus Saddle
Stone Triangle Roof & Corner
Tier 28 Stone Quarter Wall & Railing
Bear Trap
Manta Saddle
Stone Large Wall
Tier 29 Metal Spike Wall
Tripwire Narcotic Trap
Ballista Turret
Spear Bolt
Gallimimus Saddle
Tier 30 Iguanadon Saddle
Megaloceros Saddle
Metal Sickle
Stone Reinforced Large Cellar Door
Wood Large Cellar Door
Wood Behemoth Cellar Door
Tier 31 Large Bear Trap
Stone Behemoth Gateway
Stone Reinforced Behemoth Gate
Mammoth Saddle
Catapult Turret
Tier 32 Diplodocus Saddle
Tier 33 Terror Bird Saddle
Wood Tree Platform
Ghillie Leggings
Ghillie Chestpiece
Ghillie Mask
Ghillie Gauntlets
Ghillie Boots
Tier 34 Simple Pistol
Simple Bullet
Doedicurus Saddle
Cannon Ball
Tier 35 Scope Attachment
Longneck Rifle
Simple Rifle Ammo
Sarco Saddle
Display Case
Tier 36 Tree Sap Tap
Beer Barrel
Large Crop Plot
Ankylosaurus Saddle
Tier 37 Chitin Leggings
Chitin Chestpiece
Chitin Helmet
Chitin Gauntlets & Chitin Boots
Sabertooth Saddle
Stone Reinforced Behemoth Cellar Door
Tier 38 Grenade
Tier 39 Metal Sheild
Simple Shotgun Ammo
Kaprosuchus Saddle
Tier 40 Beelzebufo Saddle
Poison Grenade
Araneo Saddle
Metal Water Intake
Metal Water Tap
Tier 41 Paracer Saddle
Silencer Attachment
Metal Water Tank
Tier 42 Greenhouse Wall & Doorways
Greenhouse Ceiling
Greenhouse Triangle Ceiling
Tier 43 Pelagornis Saddle
Greenhouse Doors & Windows
Harpoon Launcher
Tier 44 Dunkleosteus Saddle
Improvised Explosive Device
Greenhouse Sloped Wall
Greenhouse Roof
Greenhouse Triangle Roof & Corner
Tier 45 Metal Foundation
Metal Wall, Doorways & Windowframe
Dire Bear Saddle
Metal Ceiling & Hatchframe
Metal Door
Metal Quarter & Triangle Ceiling
Metal Triangle Foundation
Tier 46 Metal Quarter Wall & Railing
Metal Pillar
Metal Billboard
Carno Saddle
Tier 47 Metal Sloped Wall
Megalodon Saddle
Grappling Hook
Metal Roof, Ramp & Stairs
Metal Triangle Roof & Corner
Tier 48 Fabricator
Metal Fence Foundation & Support
Metal Ladder
Tier 49 Baryonyx Saddle
Power Generator
Metal large Wall
Tier 50 Metal Sign & Wall Sign
Paracer Platform Saddle
Industrial Grill
Omnidirectional Lamppost
Tier 51 Radio
Chain Bola
Thylacoleo Saddle
War Map
Tier 52 Metal Gateway
Metal Gate
Flashlight Attachment
Megatherium Saddle
Tier 53 Wooly Rhino Saddle
Remote Keypad
Spray painter
Tier 54 Metal Large Cellardoor
Bunk Bed
Tier 55 Tapejara Saddle
Fabricated Pistol
Advanced Bullet
Pump-Action Shotgun
Tier 56 Flak Leggings
Flak Chestpiece
Flak Boots
Flak Gauntlets
Flak Helmet
Tier 57 Metal Behemoth Gateway
Metal Behemoth Gate
Megalosaurus Saddle
Tier 58 Assault Rifle
Advanced Rifle Bullet
Metal Behemoth Cellar Door
Tier 59 Daeodon Saddle
Laser Attachment
Metal Tree Platform
Tier 60 Basilosaurus Saddle
Tier 61 Air Conditioner
Castoroides Saddle
Tier 62 Argentavis Saddle
Tranquilizer Dart
Tier 63 Brontosaurus Saddle
Heavy Miner’s Saddle
Tier 64 Plesiosaur Saddle
Industrial Grinder
Tier 65 C4 Remote
C4 Charge
Tier 66 Nothing
Tier 67 Allosaurus Saddle
Tier 68 Auto Turret
Tier 69 Therizinosaurus Saddle
Tier 70 Elevator Track
Small Elevator Platform
Tier 71 Spinosaurus Saddle
Tier 72 Medium Elevator Platform
Tranq Spear Bolt
Tier 73 Large Elevator Platform
Megalania Saddle
Tier 74 T-Rex Saddle
Tier 75 Vault
Tier 76 Quetz Saddle
Tier 77 Holo-Scope Attachment
Tier 78 Mosasaur Saddle
Tier 79 Compound Bow
Metal Arrow
Tier 80 Industrial Forge
Yutyrannus Saddle
Tier 81 Scuba Tank
Scuba Mask
Scuba Flippers
Scuba Leggings
Tier 82 Brontosaurs Platform Saddle
Chemistry Bench
Tier 83 Fabricated Sniper Rifle
Advanced Sniper Bullet
Tier 84 Plesiosaur Platform Saddle
Absorbent Substrate
Tier 85 Gas Mask
Tier 86 Night Vision Goggles
Tier 87 Rocket Launcher
Rocket-Propelled Grenade
Tier 88 Underwater Mine
Tier 89 Industrial Cooker
Tier 90 Pheromone Dart
Rhyniognatha Saddle
Tier 91 Tusoteuthis Saddle
Tier 92 Riot Shield
Tier 93 Mosasaur Platform Saddle
Tier 94 Minigun Turret
Tier 95 Electric Pod
Tier 96 Giganotosaurus Saddle
Shocking Tranquilizer Dart
Carcharo Saddle
Tier 97 Quetz Platform Saddle
Tier 98 Riot Leggings
Riot Chespiece
Riot Gauntlets
Riot Boots
Riot Helmet
Tier 99 Rocket Turret
Tier 100 Titanosaur Platform Saddle
Heavy Auto Turret

Best Engrams to Unlock First in ARK Survival: Ascended

With over 100 tiers to choose from, it may become a little overwhelming what you should unlock first because nearly all of the Engrams are useful and serve a unique purpose in the game if you unlock it first. However, some of the Engrams are more important and you will be better off unlocking them and crafting their items first to make your gameplay experience better. We have detailed them below:

Basic Survival

To start off, you must unlock all of the Level 2 Engrams which include Campfire, Stone Hatchet, and Spear. This will give you the very first steps for your survival in the game which include the ability to cook, gather wood, and hunt animals. While Spear is not very reliable, it will save your skin in different times so make sure that you always go for these three Engrams at the very start of the game.

When you find that you need to head far out from your base in order to look for more resources or any particular creature, make sure that you reach Level 3 and craft the Waterskin. It will allow you to store clean, drinking water and take it with you as you explore different regions away from your base or any other source of fresh water. This is crucial for your survival while you are exploring the world. After that, you should look to make clothes for yourself and that includes the most basic of clothing, which is cloth clothes. They are easy to make and only provide basic protection against the elements, but they should do the job at the start.

Next, you will want to make yourself a Simple Bed where you can sleep to rest and gain your strength back. Apart from sleeping here, this will become your new respawn place as well so every time you are knocked out in the world, you will respawn at your bed. After you have your bed, you can start looking at some basic structures and none other is cheaper than all of the Thatch structures. These basic structures will become the foundation of your future base and will allow you to create a place that you can call home. Create some walls, ceilings, and foundations and they will not only provide protection for your other creations but will also give you a sense of home in the wild.

After you have a small base of operations, you can go for some more basic engrams such as the Storage Box and the Cooking Pot. The cooking pot will allow you to create advanced recipes which are great if you are heading out into the wild and the Storage Box will keep your surplus resources safe when you are not using them. For your early defense, you must go for the Bola and the Wooden Club. Wooden Club will be your go-to weapon for melee while the Bola will assist you with ranged combat scenarios. Bola can tangle running animals and if you fire it at flying creatures, they will be knocked down. After a single use, you can pick it back up as well. The Wooden Club is great for knocking out enemies by hitting them on the head repeatedly.

So, in short, the Engrams that you should go for in the early game include:

  • Spear
  • Hatchet
  • Campfire
  • Waterskin
  • Cloth Clothes
  • Simple Bed
  • Wooden Club
  • Bola
  • Cooking Pot
  • Thatch Structures
  • Storage Box

Advanced Survival

After you have established your initial base, created some essentials, and moved on with the basics, you can start crafting some advanced tools and gear for your base and yourself. You should start with crafting a Saddle because it will allow you to tame a creature and then ride it. You can find an animal to tame and then simply craft a saddle for them in order to ride them. Once you have crafted a saddle, you can use it on the creature you tame. For more advanced ranged combat, you can unlock the Engram for the Bow and Arrows. As you fight creatures, you will understand why having a solid ranged weapon is important.

To strengthen your base, you can gradually upgrade the Thatch structures to Wooden structures. You can start by first getting the foundation, walls, and ceiling and from there, changing other Thatch structures to wooden as well. Wood is sturdier and will ensure that your base is stronger than ever. Similar to upgrading your base’s material, you can also upgrade your clothes from Cloth to Hide as well. Hides are thicker and will offer increased protection. For some final touches, you can complete your base with Crop Plot which will allow you to plant seeds for collecting food, and the Mortar and Pestle where you can craft advanced resources for some of the advanced crafting that you will need in late game.

In short, for late-game survival, you will need the following Engrams for sustained living:

  • Saddle
  • Bow and Arrows
  • Crop Plot
  • Hide Clothes
  • Wooden Structures
  • Mortar And Pestle

That is all for this guide. If you want more help with this guide, check out the guides linked below:

This concludes our ARK Survival: Ascended Engrams Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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