Ark Genesis Tek Hover Skiff Guide – How to Get

Ark Genesis Tek Hover Skiff Guide

This Ark Genesis Tek Hover Skiff Guide will show you how you can get the Tek Hover Skiff. This is a new vehicle that you can get in the game, which you can use as a vehicle to travel, and also transport any creature you want.

The Tek Hover Skiff is not something you can get early in the game, as it requires you to fight the final boss in Ark Genesis. However, acquiring one should be your priority simply because of how cool and practical it is.

Ark Genesis Tek Hover Skiff Guide

Below we have detailed how to get the Tek Hover Skiff in the game.

How to Get the Tek Hover Skiff

The first thing you need to do is to defeat the final boss in Ark Genesis. Defeat the Corrupted Master Controller and you will obtain the Tekgram for the Tek Hover Skiff. This can be viewed in your inventory, and in the Genesis tab.

After you have obtained the Tekgram, you are just left with one more step, which is to craft the Tek Hover Skiff. This can be done in the Tek Replicator where you are also required to add in some resource materials. The materials needed are:

  • Crystal (60)
  • Electronics (268)
  • Element (168)
  • Metal Ingot (4100)
  • Oil (62)
  • Polymer (372)

When you have all the resources required for crafting, exit the inventory and look behind the Tek Replicator, where your new Tek Hover Skiff will be waiting for you.

How to Fly the Tek Hover Skiff

The first thing you will notice is that the Tek Hover Skiff will run on fuel. The fuel for your new vehicle is Element, which will not be tricky to find in the new world of Genesis. Do bear in mind that the Hover Skiff does consume a lot of elements in a short period, which means that you might need to have enough Element for a longer trip. Keep a look at the fuel gauge and you will notice that moving faster and higher will consume more fuel.

The Tek Hove Skiff has two modes that it flies on, the first is the low altitude hover, while the other is the higher altitude flying mode. The Tek Hover Skiff performs fuel efficiently if it is flying at low altitudes. But when you enter the flying mode and increase your speed to gain altitude, the Hover Skiff will be draining a lot of fuel. If you have plenty of Element on our hands, then you can travel longer distances without having to worry about the fuel. I have found that adding 100 Element can go a long way and gives ample amounts of flying time on the vehicle.

Other Uses of the Tek Hover Skiff

The Tek Hover Skiff is not only your vehicle for traveling, but it also has the Tractor Beam mode which allows you to carry creatures wherever you want. However, the bigger and heavier the creature, the more fuel you will be burning.

The vehicle also has headlights that you can use at night time. This is more of a cool feature on your vehicle. You can also repair the Hover Skiff if it gets damaged, and the best part is that it does not consume any materials to do so. Just wait for a few seconds and the vehicle will repair itself.

All thanks to MittGaming on finding how to craft and use the Tek Hover Skiff.

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