ARK: Genesis Taming Guide – How to Tame New Creatures

ARK: Genesis Taming Guide

In this ARK: Genesis Taming Guide, we will guide you on how you can find and tame different creatures in ARK: Genesis, the new expansion for ARK: Survival Evolved. A brand new expansion for ARK: Survival Evolved means a new map and some new creatures. ARK: Genesis is no different and this time around, we have some of the most unique creatures added to the game. Naturally, you can tame all of these creatures as well. This ARK: Genesis Taming Guide will help you find and tame all the new creatures found in ARK: Genesis.

Taming Guide – ARK: Genesis

Our ARK: Genesis Taming Guide details everything that you need to know about new creatures in ARK: Genesis and how to tame them.


One of our favorite new creatures in ARK: Genesis are the giant floating turtles called Megachelon. They do not attack and simply swim around in the waters minding their own business. Lucky for you, you can tame the Megachelon without much trouble. To gain its trust, all you need to do is to swim right next to it without taking any damage. If you take damage, you will need to start taming from the start again. However, to ensure that you complete taming Megachelons as quickly as possible, you can simply gate in the creature until it trusts you enough to be tamed.

ARK: Genesis Taming Guide


Bloodstalkers will feast on your Blood Packs before they are tamed. To tame these creatures, you must have a decent amount of Blood Packs with you or you will not be able to tame them. In order to make a blood pack, you will lose 25 HP and to tame one Bloodstalker, you will require at least 1000 Blood Packs in order to successfully tame a Bloodstalker. You will find plenty of them in the Bog Biome so simply stock up on blood packs and head to the Bog Biome if you want to tame a Bloodstalker.

ARK: Genesis Taming Guide


Astrocetus is one of the strangest creatures to ever arrive in ARK. It looks like a giant whale but you will find it flying high in the air, unlike the normal whales which are found in the water. However, since this is ARK, you not only have a flying whale in the game but you can also tame this huge flying creature. To tame it, first, you have to bring it down to the ground. For this, you can use the Tek-Skiff Cannon.

Once it is knocked out, you can feed it Exceptional Kibble to earn its trust. Once it trusts you, simply slap on a saddle and you have your very own flying whale in ARK: Genesis. If you don’t have access to Exceptional Kibble, you can also use Raw Prime Meat and Raw Mutton to tame it.

ARK: Genesis Taming Guide


Of all the creatures, Magmasaur has the most traditional method of taming. Which is to find the egg, incubate it and then hatch your own Magmasaur. However, finding and bringing an egg back is not easy at all. First of all, Magmasaurs are found in the Volcanic Biome inside the actual volcano. To make things easier, you can simply make your way to the coordinates 33.2,82.5 and you will find yourself inside a Magmasaur den. Grab any egg that you find and run away to a safe place. Try to find a good egg and incubate it just like you used to do with any other Wyvern or Drake egg.


Ferox is an extremely aggressive creature despite the fact that it looks extremely cute in its normal form. To tame a Ferox, you have to feed it an Element which transforms it into its aggressive form. You need to trap it during its aggressive form in some sort of a fort or a building from where it cannot escape and you can easily release it later. After it has returned to its normal form, feed it again and then trap it again. Repeat the process until it gets tames.

We will continue to add more creatures to this guide as we work our way through the game. Keep checking back for more additions to this guide! In the meantime, you can check out more ARK: Genesis guides below.

This concludes our ARK: Genesis Taming Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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  1. To tame detox it’s easier than described, I tranquilizer it while small and put plant species y in its inventory.

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