Ark Genesis Best Starting Base Locations Guide – Where to Find Best Base Locations

Ark Genesis Best Starting Base Locations Guide

This Ark Genesis Best Starting Base Locations Guide will show you some of the best starting locations to build your base. There is no denying that this DLC is really tough and comes with a lot of dangers. Getting a decent enough base in the early stages can help you greatly.

If you are just starting with the game, the best places to start by building your base are in the Ocean and Bog Biomes, where the former has some decent islands with plentiful resource materials that you can collect.

Ark Genesis Best Starting Base Locations Guide

Below we have details some of the best started base locations in the game.

Ocean Biome

At the Ocean Biome, you will find many spots where you can build a base. However, if you go to the high mountain island that will be at 16.9, 44.9, you will find a pretty safe and practical option to start a base.

There are plenty of resource materials like wood from trees, boulders, and even met from dodos. There is also a path leading down towards the water where you have your water source. This is a pretty well balanced island where you can start your base.

Arctic Biome

If you decide to build a base in this biome, head on over to 79.0, 16.9 where you will find a pretty tight space that will offer you plenty of protection. There is not much space here but with enough resources nearby, you can make the best of it.

Lava Biome

This location is pretty tough and though it has an abundant supply of resources, you will find it quite tough to survive. Go to 14.6, 67.7 and here you will find an area where you can build small but decent sized bases. You also have to be aware of creatures that can attack you from any direction.

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